A sneak peek at my leather jacket store

motorcycle leather jackets

Hope everyone is have a great weekend. Today I am going up to Stowe here in Vermont and hike up the tallest mountain to take some pictures of the fall leaves. They also have some fall festival going on with locally made beer! So it should be fun, a lot more fun than the past few weeks of work has been, that’s for sure. I have been working hard on getting the leather store done in this site.

Frankly, it’s been a real pain in the ass! I know all about the technical stuff, that’s not the hard part. It’s just that I’m putting the store right into this blog software, called wordpress. Most use a shopping cart program. But I believe the search engine optimization will be much better with all the words written right into the blog software. Each item will have it’s own permalink and so on.

Plus I’m using paypal as my merchant account, so I just don’t need any fancy shopping cart software. But that means I’m doing everything manually, and so it’s taking a long time. However I do have both the men’s and woman’s motorcycle leather jacket pages done, at least enough to give you a sneak peek. I will add lots more jackets, but it’s enough to get started.

Besides leather motorcycle jackets I will have western leather jackets, some fashion leather jackets, leather vest, chaps, pants, shirts, saddlebags and other motorcycle bags, halter tops, short and skirts and more. So it will be quite a full and big store once I’m done,,, in a year or two! Anyway I wanted to give you a link to what I’ve done so far.

Now you’ll notice there are no links in the menu to get to any store yet. That’s because I have not added them. I want to get them done just a little more before I’m really open for biz. I’m going to put a top menu bar at the top for all the store items. Then the links to the left go to any helpful information you may want, and the blog post.

So anyway here are the links to the men’s and ladies leather motorcycle jackets:

Men’s leather motorcycle jackets

Ladies leather motorcycle jackets

So what do you think? All of the men’s jackets you can click on and see each item in full detail, including the sizes and the buy now buttons. In fact everything is set to go, if you see anything you want you can just follow the shopping cart instructions and buy it right now. The ladies leather jackets only have the first 6 items that you can click on to see the full description.

Like I said they are not all listed, I will be adding many more jackets to them, maybe even havingĀ  several pages. Then I will add all the other stuff. But that gives you a good idea what it will look like. Let me know what you think and if you see any mistakes I made, or anything that does not work right. With any luck I’ll have the motorcycle leather jacket store live in the front page within a week!