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Hi, thanks for taking a peek at my site here! My name is Bill Manning, and I love leather! Leather jackets, leather shirts, leather pants, leather vest, everything you can think of made of leather I have it! I’ve worked with leather for many years and think I know a lot about it.

I was born and raised in Vermont, but moved down to Florida a while back. I ride my Harley whenever I get the chance, I love how you can ride all year long down here! I’ve had several leather jacket stores over the years.

I even opened up a shop where I airbrushed designs on leather jackets for a while, but I’m not that gifted in the artist area I guess! What I do know a lot about is leather; how to buy it, what to look for, where to get it.

So I thought I’d make this site to talk a bit about leather and help others get the leather jackets and other leather items they want without getting ripped off. I also have a leather store here where you can get good quality leather jackets, vest, chaps, saddlebags and many other leather items.

I’m 90% deaf, so calling me is just an experience in frustration, trust me! The best way to contact me is by using my email below. I am on the computer all the time and will respond very quickly. If you want to write me, my address is:

Leather Supreme
3208 E. Colonial Dr. Box 117
Orlando, Fl. 32803


Thank you for your interest and your business. Ask me anything you want, both about ordering or any leather question you may have. 🙂