Added a dating site in the right sidebar

Hi everyone, hope your summer has been going well. Thanks everyone for taking me up on my summer sale I had last month. If you scroll down a bit and look in the right sidebar you’ll notice a new dating site. It shows real profiles of ladies in your area looking for dates or,, uh,, more! I was not sure if I should put a dating site on this website of mine.

But then I thought you can see them everywhere anyway. Hell myspace and facebook have loads of dating sites. Many others have webcams sites too, which is even more adult. So I checked this place out good before I posted it. I wanted to make sure it did not give pop-ups, viruses or any other crap. Turns out it’s a pretty honest company with real people looking to meet up.

So if your looking for a date or something more, check out the girls in the right sidebar under where it says “hot babes!” and see what you find. I might even check it out myself, lol. It’s free to join and look, you only pay if you want to contact anyone. I’ll try to post more often here, I promise!