Bike week in Daytona Beach gallery 2009

I managed to get up to bike week in Daytona Beach for one day this year. I got there a bit late in the day so it was not as good as I hoped for. I just had time to snap some shots around the main st. section. It was crowded and fun, with lots of beautiful bikes and babes! Below are a few pictures I took, click them to see the full size one.

empty beach at Daytona Beachbare beach on the north end of Daytonalots of bikes, duh!

If you go up to the north end of Daytona Beach you can pretty much have it all to yourself. So I took a few shots of the empty beach. The last picture shows a parking area for bikes by main st.

bike week 2009cool motorcycleshot motorcycles

These are some really cool looking motorcycles. I always love looking at the custom paint jobs on motorcycles. I wish I had time to look at a lot more.

bike week 2009cool motorcycleshot motorcycles

This was a cool homemade trike bike. I’d love to see it on the road. Last picture was some hot babes doing a show and throwing beads.

bike week 2009cool motorcycleshot motorcycles

First picture here is bikes cruising down main st. Next two are some more custom bikes with great paint jobs.

bike week 2009cool motorcycleshot motorcycles

I know this Honda trike is a standard model, but I thought it was pretty cool so I took some pictures. The last one is a nice purple dragon trike that was really getting looks.

bike week 2009cool motorcycles

Two shots of the famous boot hill saloon.

That’s all the time I had to take pictures. I should have taken some shots of all the booths with leather biker items and so on. But damn it was crowded, it was hard to stay in one spot without being carried away in the crowd. Next year I’ll get there a lot earlier! That’s my gallery of Daytona beach bike week 2009!