Leather roses for Valentines day!

leather roses for bikers

Valentines day will be here soon. The perfect gift for the biker babe, or any girl who wants something different, is leather roses! At Just Leather Roses you can buy a dozen red leather roses, or other colors and amounts.

They come in a clear case just like a normal dozen red roses would. Or you can buy a variety of beautiful wooden vases to put your leather roses in. You can get a single leather rose all the way up to a dozen.

You also can find black leather roses and a special biker dozen of black and orange leather roses. They even take special request if you want a mix of colors for your leather roses.

So this year give your sweetie something that will last more than a few days, give her beautiful leather roses! They will last a lifetime and be something she can remember. 😉

Handmade Leather bound Journals by Mind’s Eye Journals

Minds Eye Journals, leather journals

Whether you want to write your memoirs or make a special gift to someone you care about, finding a beautiful journal can help you achieve your goals. At mindseyejournals.com, you will find a premium collection of handmade journals crafted from paper and leather using traditional methods.

Made by a leather artist by the name of Teresa Haun, she can be found at artist festivals throughout the USA and has a schedule of art shows in her website.

These unique journals are made from a variety of tanned leathers, featuring different sizes and designs. Some of the journals available at Minds Eye Journals are bound with handmade paper, while others are bound with watercolor paper.
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Cool skull, western, silver and more belt buckles for bikers

Skull belt buckle

Every biker need a good looking belt buckle! Popular styles are eagle belt buckles, skull belt buckles, western belt buckles and more. The Belt Buckle Shop has over 700 different kinds of belt buckles to choose from.

Maltese Cross w/ Engine Belt Buckle
Maltese cross with motorcycle engine belt buckle

They even have belt buckles for the ladies, like roses, sexy saying belt buckles, lady rider belt buckles and so on. Then they have a nice selection of hot babes and nudes, even pin up type belt buckles.
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Leather roses, biker black leather rose gifts

leather roses for bikers

Today I’d like to tell you all about a great place to buy leather roses. I’ve added a few sponsors to my site here, good ones that carry quality leather items. One of them is a place called Just Paper Roses.

Despite the name they actually carry great real leather roses as well as several other types of roses, including paper roses. Their leather roses come in different colors, including black rose leather.
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Alligator hide leather boots

Alligator hide leather boots

Alligator hide leather boots from Tim’s Boots

I’ve never talked much about alligator hide leather on here. Most of the time when you think of alligator hide leather you think of boots. So today I”ll talk about a place called Tim’s Boots that has really nice alligator hide leather boots.

Tim”s Boots features a complete selection of cowboy boots, including the finest alligator boots. The company was founded by Tim Urling in 2002 and assures you the highest quality craftsmanship available.

Why wear alligator boots? First of all, this kind of boots is the stylish symbol of success. It is quite known that the shoes make the man, so a quality pair of alligator boots inspires confidence and an aura of luxury. It’s impossible not to feel proud and self confident when wearing something like this. Nothing displays your attitude more than your cowboy boots.
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Leather hats for holiday gifts

leather hats

Picture from Dads Hats

As long as I’ve been talking about leather gifts I might as well include leather hats! If your guy or gal like to wear hats then a genuine leather hat would be a great gift.

Leather has become such a popular and fashionable material that it is being used to create styles of hats that were once made of felt and wool. Hats were first introduced as a form of head protection and not as a fashion statement. Nowadays, wearing leather hats is extremely fashionable and stylish.

DadsHats.com is definitely the place to find the finest selection of classic men’s hats as well as the best in contemporary brands like Christys’ Hats, Bailey, Dobbs, Stetson and Kangol. This store offers a wide selection of leather hats in many styles including baseball cap, driving cap, ivy flat cap, porkpie, safari, fedora and much more. Most of hats featured by Dads Hats are made in the United States of America.

But why should you wear leather hats? Leather cowboy hats look great on both men and women. Driving caps are the perfect choice for an enjoyable drive or a day on the golf course. Those who like fishing or boating should opt for a classy leather fisherman’s cap. If you’re the kind of person who cares for fashion, then you should know that the hats available at Dads Hats go well with almost any clothing style.

Another thing about Dads Hats is that it features a wide variety of different shapes to accommodate almost any shape of head. These hats will keep you warm all throughout the winter months and will provide maximum protection from the sun during the summer. You can wear the leather hat when going to festivals, beaches, camps, fishing, outdoor concerts and sporting galas.

The hat will make you look different every time you wear it. Thus, you can express yourself simply by choosing the right hat. There are so many styles, colors and sizes when it comes about leather hats! Just take a look at DadsHats.com and find a hat that fits your style.

Written by guest author Andra Picincu, who writes for several ezines and websites. Go to Associated Content to see more of this author’s work.

Give leather roses for Christmas!

Pretty leather roses make great gifts

Are you looking for a special gift made of real leather? Surprise your sweetheart offering her a bouquet of leather roses. There is nothing as charming as a bouquet of handcrafted leather roses. This gift is simply perfect and suitable for a various events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding favors, third year anniversaries and birthdays, even Christmas.

Roses are beautiful and signify love. Leather roses come in a wide range of colors including royal blue, red, white, yellow, black, purple, lavender and more. What makes these flowers so unique is that they smell like real roses, but last forever. Unlike the roses that can be found in gardens, leather roses will not swivel up and die in a few days.

But where can you find such a beautiful gift? Although there are many offers available on the web, these unique leather flowers delicate to the eye and rich in color can be found in one place. Leatherrosesbyrose.com offers more than leather roses. This store also features barbed wire “kinky” roses, and floral bouquets made from 100% genuine leather.

Pretty leather roses make great gifts

Don’t be afraid that you have to spend a fortune on this perfect gift. In fact, leather roses are less expensive than real roses. And if you order from Leatherrosesbyrose.com, your gift will arrive in an elegant long stem white rose box along with a message card. You can even buy some Gothic handmade black leather rose, which are the best gift for a daring, passionate woman.

These beautiful handmade objects bear the stamp of true craftsmanship. The leather bouquets offered by Leatherrosesbyrose.com are an artistic creation that could last a lifetime. Feel free to use your imagination and create stunning bouquets of leather roses inspired by your deepest feelings. Your loves ones will never forget such a gift because it will always be there to remind them of you.

Written by guest author Andra Picincu, who writes for several ezines and websites. Go to Associated Content to see more of this author’s work.

Leather braided bracelets and leather accessories by John

Braided leather bracelets

Braided leather bracelets

With all this talk about leather items for Christmas, it would not be complete without some leather jewelry, bracelets and accessories. So I thought I’d write a little about a nice leather bracelet and accessory website called Leather Braiding by John. He lives in Spokane, WA and also has several guest leather artist that sell their items on his site.

Braided leather bracelets

Braided leather bracelets

John makes beautiful braided leather bracelets of all kinds. He makes his leather bracelets from four strands all the way up to twelve strand. He finishes them off with glass beads, silver, herringbone and more. You can also find key fobs, dog items, key chains, purses, coin pouches and lots of other items here, all made out of leather.

Christmas is the perfect time to buy your girl a nice leather bracelet or purse. Or if your a woman you can find great mens leather bracelets in here too. The leather belt buckles and other leather accessories are all great also. Plus everything is made from high quality leather, not the cheap stuff. So check out Leather Braiding by John for some great leather jewelry and bracelets.

leather purse

Ladiesleather purse

Leather Jewlery Box Makes Great Christmas Gifts

Large Leather Jewel Box with Side Drawers
Click picture for more details of this leather jewelry box

If you want to give a gift of leather but everyone you know has already got good leather jackets and apparel, think about getting them a cool leather jewelry box! Of course, it should be for a lady, or little girl! I can’t think of anything else that is made of leather that a girl would love more than a leather jewelry box.

Leather Jewel Box with Two Drawers
Click picture for more details of this leather jewelry box

The ones you see in these pictures are from ebags, a great luggage and bags online store. They also happen to have lots of leather luggage and bags. But many don’t know that they also carry a nice line of quality leather jewelry boxes from Budd Leather. They come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. All are high quality with a 90 day warranty.

Lizard Print Calf
Click picture for more details of this leather jewelry box

The leather they use in these leather jewelry boxes is split leather, the side under the top grain. So they are very smooth and soft. There’s a lot of fine detail that go into these leather jewelry boxes, and that nice leather smell just adds to the whole look. So if your looking for something to impress your leather loving lady, or have a little girl, think about getting a nice leather jewelry box from ebags. 😉

Budd Leather High Color Medium Jewel Box
Click picture for more details of this leather jewelry box

Shark Skin Leather Wallets For Christmas

Shark skin leather wallets for Christmas

Well since it’s the holiday shopping time I figured I’d write some articles about all the different types of leather gifts you can buy for ideas. One cool gift is a shark skin leather wallet. Unlike a lot of exotic leather products, shark skin items are not all that expensive.

You can buy a good quality shark skin leather wallet for around $45.00 and up depending on what type of wallet it is. Yes shark skin is still considered to be leather because it comes from the hide, or skin of the creature. Shark skin leather is very durable and can take a lot of wear.

Yet it’s pretty thin, so it’s great for a wallet. Shark Skin has a rough, textured look to it but feels relatively smooth. Shark skin leather wallets are often dyed white, brown, tan and black. So if your looking for a one of a kind gift for your man, try getting a shark skin wallet for him.

I’m not going to recommend any one brand or place to get a shark skin wallet. Just google it and you’ll find plenty. Just make sure it’s REAL shark skin leather and that it does not say “Imitation shark skin” or man made shark skin leather. Hmm, now I’m thinking of buying myself a shark skin leather wallet!

Shark skin leather wallets for Christmas

New leather luggage and bags page

Mulholland Brothers All Leather Lariat Longhorn
Mulholland Brothers All Leather Lariat Longhorn

Once again I’ve added a new leather product page in my store. This time It’s quality leather luggage from Luggage Pros, a leader in brand name luggage, bags and briefcases. They have a good selection of leather luggage, from carry-ons, bags, duffels, rolling carts, garment bags and more.

All the leather is made from cowhide, buffalo or pigskin to give you years of use. It’s all top quality, no patchwork, bonded leather or other crap. The leather comes in different colors too, not just black. Plus it’s from top brand names, like Mulholland Brothers, Hartmann and more.

The leather has been treated and sealed, so you don’t have to do a thing with it once you get it. Just condition and seal it once a year or so depending on how often you use it. I highly recommend any leather products from Luggage Pros. They only carry top quality items. So check my new leather luggage page out and tell me what you think!

Hartmann Luxe – Moulin Rouge 22″ Mobile Traveler

Alligator hide farmers can’t sell their hides

Alligator hide leather farmers can\'t sell hides

I bet you thought I would never write another post here! No, I’m still around, just busy. Hope your summer is going well. I thought I’d share a news story with you I heard. Seems like with all the bad economy going on, people who farm alligators for their hides can’t sell them. I don’t mean they can’t sell them for much, I mean they can’t get ANYONE to take them!

The places that process them and make them into all those fancy alligator leather boots, wallets and purses just don’t have enough demand for them anymore. Even the big shots that buy the high end alligator leather items are cutting back. So it’s not surprising that the alligator purses and boots are the first to go!

There’s a lot of alligator farms around here in Florida. The guy in the picture above is one of them. He’s ready to kill his whole farm of alligators because it cost so much to feed and keep them. It’s just not worth it anymore. I imagine it will take a while before people start buying the high end products, and alligator leather is one of the top price items.

Once this guy gets rid of his gators he will freeze the hides and wait until the price picks back up. I guess only a few will come out of this good. You can read about it here: alligator hides not in demand. So see, even the CEO’s are cutting back, poor things! They will have to downgrade to cowhide like the rest of us. 😉