Womans pink leather shirt

Womans pink leather shirt
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Now that the holidays are over I thought I’d go back to highlighting some of the leather apparel I have. Today I’ll talk about my womens pink leather shirt I have for those ladies that love pink!

This womens pink leather shirt has the style of the denim shirts you see a lot, only it’s real leather,,, and pink. It’s very soft and smooth yet it’s tough and will stand up to wear and tear.

This womans pink leather shirt has a snap button front with two breast pockets that also have snap button flaps. The snap buttons are nickel colored which looks great with the pink leather.
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New colored leather jackets and vest, would you buy them?

colored leather jacketscolored leather jacketscolored leather jackets

colored leather jacketscolored leather jacketscolored leather jackets

Now that the new year is here I’m making plans to build up my little leather apparel site here with more items. One thing I’ve been asked a lot is if I will carry different colors of leather jackets.

Well yes, I can carry all the different ones you see here, plus lots more. However before I do that I’d like to know if anyone will actually buy them! I do plan on making a full leather vest category as well as leather chaps and pants.

I also can start carrying leather saddlebags, toolbags and so on. But I’d really like to know what you all think of these colored and stylish leather jackets here in this post.
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Mens Leather Bomber Jacket review

Mens leather bomber jacket

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Today I wanted to write about one of the mens leather bomber jackets I have. I just bought this one myself about 3 weeks ago and I love it! So I thought I’d give a review of it.

This mens leather bomber jacket is made of split cowhide and is very soft and smooth. The back is a full one piece leather with no seams, except for at the top.

So it’s a great jacket to put a large patch or an airbrush design on the back. The cuffs have snap buttons with two for a larger or smaller fit. The collar is not very wide, which gives it a trim, stylish look.
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Womens leather coat with belt and faux fur collar

womens leather coat with faux fur collar

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It’s time for another review of one of my leather jackets! This one is the womens leather coat, item LJ25. This womens leather coat is on the short side, suitable for both younger and older women.

Trim and sporty looking, this smooth and soft womens leather coat has a very warm thinsulate zip out liner that goes all the way up the sleeves. That makes it great for both cool fall days with the liner out, and cold winter days with the liner in.

It has a nice looking leather belt you can take off if you want. It also has a removable thick faux fur collar that really makes it look nice. You can stand the collar up to keep your neck and face warm. Or take it off if you don’t want that much around the collar.

This womens leather coat has two big outside pockets to keep your hands warm. The front zips up with a quality zipper. The leather is very soft and smooth yet can take a lot of wear.

It’s a great womens leather coat for cold winter days or just cooler fall days with the liner out. Makes a great gift for the little lady of the house, and looks equally well on both younger and older women.

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Long leather coats for women, long leather coat

long leather coats for women

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Today I’d like to showcase a great long leather coat I have for women. Long leather coats for women are popular, and this one is very sharp looking. The leather is a very soft and smooth, yet sturdy and stands up to wear.

This long leather coat is full length, going down just past the knees. So it keeps you nice and warm as the leather acts like a great windbreaker. It keeps your clothes dry and clean from the outside weather too.

Long leather coats for women don’t often have zip out liners, but this one does! In fact the warm thinsulate liner runs all the way up the sleeves to keep you nice and toasty on cold days.
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Mens leather blazer, black leather blazer

mens black leather blazer

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Today I wanted to talk about a nice mens leather blazer I have in stock. If you have never worn a mens leather blazer, you really should try one. This one is very soft and smooth, it almost feels like silk.

It’s cut right so that it looks very sharp and fashionable. Notice the seams on the lower shoulders that add a nice look to it. This black leather blazer has two buttons on the front.

Also on the front are two side pockets with leather flaps that again lend a nice, stylish look to it. The collar is cut in a great looking fashionable way that shows off the shirt underneath.

This mens leather blazer is great for wearing out to parties or any event you want to look your best. A leather blazer adds a touch of class that beats normal fabric blazers.

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It has one inside pocket as well and a nylon liner. This is one mens leather blazer you will be proud to own and will make you stand out in the crowd. Add a quality leather blazer to your wardrobe today!

New men’s leather coats, shirts and fashion jackets

mens leather blazermens leather trench coatmens leather coatmens leather shirt

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Well everyone, I finally added some more men’s leather jackets, coats and shirts. Up to now all I had was motorcycle jackets for men.

But now I have some nice men’s leather bomber jackets, leather fashion jackets, leather coats, leather shirts and even a nice denim shirt.

I even have a leather shirt that looks just like blue denim, which I already carry in a womens style. I have 3 different leather shirts, in snap button and regular button styles.
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Womens white leather jacket with stripes

great women's white leather jacket

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It’s time to talk about another great womens leather jacket I added! This one is a beautiful womens white leather jacket with pink and silver stripes on the sides.

It’s made of top grain cowhide leather, very tough yet super soft and smooth to the touch. It’s form fitting for a sexy look and stylish. You can wear it on a motorcycle or use it for a normal, good looking white leather jacket.

It’s got a bit of sporty look to it, so it fits in just about anywhere. White leather jackets always look good, and the stripes add a nice touch to it. The front zips up with a rugged zipper.

The collar can be worn down or up to protect the neck when it’s zipped all the way up, with a snap button to hold it in place. It has an elastic waist for a snug, sexy fit.

As all my leather jackets, this one has a zip out thinsulate liner that goes all the way up the sleeves. So you can leave it in for a great winter jacket or take it out for fall or cool summer nights.

It has two front pockets and one inside one. This womens white leather jacket with pink and silver stripes is very rugged, very warm and looks fantastic. If your looking for a white leather jacket, check this one out!

Womens leather trench coat, quality womens trenchcoat

womens trenchcoat

Womens leather trench coat

Now that I’ve added some nice new womens items I’ll talk about them, starting with the Womens leather trench coat. Some spell that womens trench coats, others use womens trenchcoat. Same thing.

This womens leather trench coat is a real beauty, made of very soft top grade leather. It’s treated to be buttery soft and smooth, yet it’s still thick enough to wear well and be tough.

It’s also a very smart and professional looking womens trenchcoat, with a large styled collar that really looks good. In bad weather you can stand it up and it will cover your face. Great for lady detective work! 😉
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New women’s leather jackets, coats and shirts added!

women's leather jacketswomens leather denim jacketwomens leather trench coatladies leather jackets

I have big news everyone! It took me all day, but I finally added another women’s leather jackets page in the store. Not motorcycle jackets, but nice women’s winter coats, jackets, even leather shirts!

I want to have more for the upcoming Holiday season. Plus winter is the time women want to buy a nice warm leather coat. So I added around 12 new ladies leather jackets and coats.

You can see the link in the top menu bar, the last link on your right. You can find several warm women’s leather jackets, including 2/4 length ones, removable leather belts, zip up or button style and more.
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Men’s leather bomber jacket, answers about leather bomber jackets

Mens leather bomber jacket

Very soon I’m going to be starting to carry men’s leather bomber jackets. I own several of them myself and love them. Let me explain just a bit about what a leather bomber jacket is and how it’s different from other leather jackets.

First a little history about why they are called bomber jackets. I may be wrong, but I think the term came from the leather jackets the airmen wore during world world II. The aircraft were bombers, and so the particular style of leather jacket they wore became known as leather bomber jackets. Correct me if I’m wrong. 😉

Leather bomber jackets are made to be very comfortable. They have a loose fit cut around the chest and body area so you can turn and bend easy with them on. The sleeves are a bit long also for the same reason.
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How a Women’s Leather jacket is different than men’s

Women's leather jacket

I’ve had a few women who liked a men’s leather jacket and wanted to know if they could get it in a women’s Leather jacket style. When I said I did not they asked if the men’s jacket would fit them.

The short answer is yes, but they would not fit good. When it comes to a women’s Leather jacket there are several different areas that are different than a mens. The two biggest differences are the arm length and torso.

You can have a man and woman stand side by side and be equal in height, but a jacket would not fit the same. Men have longer torso’s than a woman, as well as arms in general.
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