Too much leather conditioner on your leather jacket causes mildew

Don't put too much conditioner on your leather jacket!

I got a question a week ago that I thought would make a good post, so here it is! Someone asked that their leather jacket always seems to get mildew on it. They said the jacket always seems to have oil on it, no matter how much they hang it up to dry. They wanted to know how to stop it from getting mildew.

Well, it sounds like the leather jacket has too much conditioner on it. Or, the type of conditioner on it is thick and heavy and not the right type to use. Leather conditioner is nothing more than oil that you rub into your leather item. Some of them have several different ingredients mixed together.

The whole point of leather conditioner is to make the leather soft and prevent it from cracking. It also acts to make it water resistant. The oil protects the leather fibers, replacing the natural oils that were there when the animal was alive. However leather also has to breath and let moisture out.
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Pictures from this years 2009 Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

Well the 2009 annual Biketoberfest at Daytona Beach is under way for 2009! I already made a post about it which you can red here for more information: 2009 biketoberfest. The weather is fantastic for it this year, if maybe a bit too hot. It should be a little cloudy this weekend but that will keep it cooler.

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

I thought I’d share some pictures that were just taken from it. These are NOT my pictures, they are from an article from the local newspaper with lots more pictures to see from The Orlando Sentinel here. As you can see, the ones I like the most are the hot babes and custom bikes!

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

You always see some crazy custom bikes, as well as very beautiful ones with fantastic paint jobs.  I really like the one shaped as a burger! So anyway enjoy the pictures and click that link above for lots more of them. I’ll try to get out there and take my own soon!

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

What is patchwork and bonded leather and why is it bad?

patchwork leather jackets

I’ve talked about patchwork leather jackets and items before. But some still ask me why it’s bad, or am I sure that it’s not that great? Patchwork leather can also be called bonded leather, although it is put together a bit differently. Rock design, Italian brick work and a few other fancy names are used for it too.

When leather is cut to make a leather jacket, purse or any other leather item, small pieces of left-over leather are made. At some point someone decided that instead of throwing it away they would try to put it together and make a big sheet of it so they can use it for more leather products.

The way they smash it together is done in two ways. In one, the leather pieces are sewn together, with some glue also used. Then they usually coat it with crap to give it an even, smooth feel and try to waterproof all those needle holes. The other way is called bonded leather.
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How to clean, condition and waterproof leather boots

how to clean, condition and waterproof leather boots

How do you waterproof leather boots? What’s the best way to clean leather boots? How should you condition leather boots? Well let me tell you! As I’ve said often in this site, leather is leather is leather. What I mean is that basically once you know how to clean, condition and seal, or what some call waterproof leather, it’s the same with all types of leather and all kinds of leather products.

I already have an article on how to do all that with your leather jacket. For the most part it’s the same with leather boots. Now, the leather in boots is normally treated a little different during the tanning process, but not much. It’s normally thicker, not as soft and often not as smooth, at least on the inside. Leather boots are normally made from cowhide, buffalo hide and pigskin.

No matter what type of leather hide it’s made of how you clean it, condition it and waterproof or seal your leather boots is the same. It always comes down to the three basic steps; cleaning the leather, conditioning the leather, and finally sealing, or waterproofing the leather. So lets start with cleaning the leather. You need to get leather cleaner, leather conditioner and leather sealer, or what some call waterproofing.
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Leather jacket spring cleaning

leather jacket spring cleaning

Well even though the folks down here in Florida can ride all year long, most of us put away our bikes for the winter. After a long winter it’s really nice to get that leather motorcycle jacket out and all the gear, go over it and get it ready for riding! Storing a leather jacket over the winter can be very easy or very harmful to it, depending on how you store it.

If you cleaned it good and conditioned it before putting it away in a cool dry place, chances are you don’t have to do anything to it. But lots of times we tend to throw our leather jacket in a corner somewhere, thinking we will get to it later. Then later becomes when you take it out in the spring!

Two of the most common problems you see when storing a leather jacket for the winter are drying and cracking, and mildew. The first problem comes from storing it in a hot and/or too dry place. The second comes from storing it in a damp and wet area, or putting it away with dirt on it. Winters seem to have both conditions in the same house!
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Daytona Beach bike week 2009

bike week in daytona beach

Well everyone, in about one more week Daytona Beach will host bike week 2009. I live in Orlando, which is about 60 miles away from Daytona. I think last year there was over 600,000 bikers there. This year it’s hard to say how many will be there the way the economy is. It might be a little less busy, but not by much.

I think bikers who really like bike week in Daytona will find the money to go. I’ve been there a few times myself. So just what kind of bikes and bikers can you find there? Every kind you can think of. It’s not just die hard bikers that live on the road, although there will be plenty of them. You also get the more family type of biker.

There will be plenty of $70,000 touring motorcycles with sidecars with mom and the kid. Doctors, office guys and so on will be there with their bikes. Many make it a family event. There are plenty of things to see for the whole family. Of course there’s just as many events you want to go by yourself, like the ladies oil wrestling and wet t shirt contest! 😉
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Leather crafting a design youtube video

Hi everyone, the weather is getting warmer, at least down here in Florida. It will not be long before it’s hot all the time here in Orlando. My last post was about leather jewelry, so today I thought I’d make a youtube video post on leather crafting. That is, making designs and very detailed pictures in leather.

It’s amazing just how detailed you can get a design in leather. Now this video makes it all look real easy, but it’s not! It takes years and years of practice to get as good as this guy is in this video. I myself can’t make a design in leather to save my life. I’ve airbrushed designs on leather, but using stencils.

As this guy shows, it takes a lot of special leather crafting tools to make any good design. The tools need to be in good shape and really sharp. But once you know what your doing and have all the right leather crafting tools you can make just about any design you can think of in leather.

Once the design has been cut into the leather, you want to treat it with conditioner, then a sealer over it. Just like all the rest of your leather items. So if you ever wanted to make some designs in leather this video is a good start to watch. Enjoy this leather crafting youtube video!

Another cool leather tanning youtube video

A few post ago I showed a youtube video of inside a leather tanning plant. I found another one that shows a little bit more about just what goes on in these places. Not every leather tanning place does things exactly the same. The basics are the same, but some places do the steps different, and use different machines.

This one shows a bit more hands on approach to the whole leather tanning process. As you can see, it’s a very physical and demanding job. I’m sure the smell of all those tanning chemicals must be pretty strong too. So take a look at this long leather tanning you tube video and see just a little bit more how the whole leather tanning process works!

How to put on patches for leather jackets

Leather jacket patches, how to put them on

Hi everyone, time for me to make another good article on biker leather! Today I’ll talk about how to put on a patch for your leather jacket. By patch I mean any kind of logo, picture or saying made to go on leather jackets. Now before you ever put on a patch, think long and hard if you really want it on there. Just like a tattoo, it seems like a good idea at the time, but you might change your mind later.

Now you might think well, if I don’t like it I can always just take it off right? Yes, but the only really good way to put a patch on a leather jacket is to sew it on. I know some places say you can find glue to put your patch on, but there always seems to be a problem with that. So many glues discolor the leather.

Or they often start coming off a few months down the road, or if you try to take it off, it takes the leather with it! So I’m not going to recommend you glue it on. If you do fine, but remember, I told you so! So that leaves the other way, which is to sew it on. If you sew it on, the holes the needle make are there forever. [Read more…]

Leather tanning process youtube video

HI everyone, once again I have been a bit behind on my post, sorry! This Friday I’m going to Universal Studios down here in Orlando. Should be a cool day, and the crowds right now are light. Anyway, I have a really neat youtube video on leather tanning.

Normally I post a youtube video just to fill in for when I have nothing to say!But this one is a really good one that is very informative. It shows the inside working of a very large leather tanning factory. Have you ever wondered just what the hell that machine looks like that splits leather hides in two?
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Winter storage of your leather motorcycle jacket

winter care of leather jackets and coats

I know I made a post a while ago about caring for your leather jacket in the winter. Most people who have leather motorcycle jackets store them all winter long. I’ll just give a brief recap of how to best store your leather motorcycle jacket today, because I can’t think of anything else to say today!

Many times in the fall when you get ready to put your leather motorcycle jacket away you are too busy to really do a good job of it. You hang it up thinking “next week I’ll take it back out, clean it and really store it good”. But now it’s January and you just remembered that steam that goes into your closet from the radiator!

The best thing you can do right now is take it out and give it a good look over. Did you clean it good so dirt and crap is not stuck in the zippers, hardware and pockets? Now that you have more time in the long winter days you should get your leather motorcycle jacket out and clean it good. Wipe it down, brush it off and go over the buttons and snaps with a toothbrush to get out dirt. [Read more…]

Happy New Year’s from Leather Supreme!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy New Year’s. It’s been an interesting year for me. The first part of the year I was living with two roommates. I started this site, and started working on some others I also have. Then in the fall I went up to Vermont, where I’m from. I stayed 2 months at my mom’s and took in the fall foliage.

Then about 2 months ago I moved back down here to Florida where it’s warm! I currently live about 8 miles from Walt Disney World. I can hear the fireworks go off each night as I sit at my desk writing my post. I live by myself now in a nice place. I’m making more and more off my websites each month, I picked a good time to do that.

Otherwise I might be unemployed with how the job cuts are going all over. I hope 2009 is better for me, I have big plans. My new Orlando vacation site should be my biggest and best website yet, time will tell. Things always pick back up, and tourist will start coming back to Disney. So my site will be ready when they do.

As for this site, I’ll keep working on adding more leather jackets, saddlebags and lots more for sale in here. I really underestimated how much time it takes to make those pages, that’s why I have so little for sale. But I’m working on it! I’ll keep telling all about how to care for, clean and pick out good leather jackets and items. Have a great New Year’s everyone!!! 🙂