New women’s leather jackets, coats and shirts added!

women's leather jacketswomens leather denim jacketwomens leather trench coatladies leather jackets

I have big news everyone! It took me all day, but I finally added another women’s leather jackets page in the store. Not motorcycle jackets, but nice women’s winter coats, jackets, even leather shirts!

I want to have more for the upcoming Holiday season. Plus winter is the time women want to buy a nice warm leather coat. So I added around 12 new ladies leather jackets and coats.

You can see the link in the top menu bar, the last link on your right. You can find several warm women’s leather jackets, including 2/4 length ones, removable leather belts, zip up or button style and more.
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New leather bomber jackets are in!

mens leather bomber jacketsmens leather bomber jackets

Good news everyone. I added 3 leather bomber jackets to the mens leather jackets store section. You can find them on the bottom of that page. They are all great, top quality leather bomber jackets.

The first one is the sharpest looking one, at least I think so. It’s snug and has a snappy zipper front with no flap over it. So it looks sharp and sporty, good enough to wear anywhere.

The last leather bomber jacket has a feature I said bomber jackets don’t have, just my luck! This one has two front vertical air vents and one top horizontal air vent in the back.

So if you love riding a motorcycle and love bomber jackets than this is the one you want. It’s kind of a hybrid, as most leather bomber jackets don’t have air vents.

They all come with zip out liners and they all are top quality leather. So if your looking for a leather bomber jacket, take a peek at the three I just added. Ask me any questions you might have. 🙂

Men’s leather bomber jacket, answers about leather bomber jackets

Mens leather bomber jacket

Very soon I’m going to be starting to carry men’s leather bomber jackets. I own several of them myself and love them. Let me explain just a bit about what a leather bomber jacket is and how it’s different from other leather jackets.

First a little history about why they are called bomber jackets. I may be wrong, but I think the term came from the leather jackets the airmen wore during world world II. The aircraft were bombers, and so the particular style of leather jacket they wore became known as leather bomber jackets. Correct me if I’m wrong. 😉

Leather bomber jackets are made to be very comfortable. They have a loose fit cut around the chest and body area so you can turn and bend easy with them on. The sleeves are a bit long also for the same reason.
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How a Women’s Leather jacket is different than men’s

Women's leather jacket

I’ve had a few women who liked a men’s leather jacket and wanted to know if they could get it in a women’s Leather jacket style. When I said I did not they asked if the men’s jacket would fit them.

The short answer is yes, but they would not fit good. When it comes to a women’s Leather jacket there are several different areas that are different than a mens. The two biggest differences are the arm length and torso.

You can have a man and woman stand side by side and be equal in height, but a jacket would not fit the same. Men have longer torso’s than a woman, as well as arms in general.
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USA leather, finding leather jackets made in the USA

USA leather vest
Fox Creek Leather, from and made in the USA

Many bikers want to get a leather jacket that is made in the USA. Bikers in general seem to be a more patriotic bunch that want to buy USA leather products whenever they can. However like most things made today, where leather jackets are made and came from can be confusing.

The truth is most leather jackets and leather apparel in general is made outside the USA. Most are high quality, in fact the biggest names in leather wear get their leather outside the USA and also get it made somewhere else.

However maybe you don’t care if it’s quality or not, you just want a good quality USA leather jacket from and made in the USA. If so there are two things to keep in mind, where the actual leather comes from, and where it’s made.
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New apprciation for leather jackets for warmth

Leather jackets for warmth

Well everyone I’m in Vermont taking my vacation. At the last minute I decided not to bring my leather jacket, thinking it would be hot and I’d never use it. Boy was I wrong!

Having lived in Florida so long I sometimes forget just how nice a warm leather jacket is to keep you toasty. Now those thin fashion leather jackets don’t, those are cold.

But a quality leather jacket with a thinsulate liner inside really does a good job at keeping you warm. The leather makes a fantastic wind breaker, keeping out the wind.
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Not much demand for pigskin leather jackets?

Pigskin leather jackets

My little leather site here ranks high in Google for many key words. In fact, if you type in “pigskin leather jacket” you will see I’m the first and second link that comes up, if you disregard the sponsor payed links. In fact now that I’m writing this post about it, I’ll really be up there for that word. 😉

So, you would think that I would get lots of traffic coming in here, looking for pigskin leather jackets. I should be getting a lot of people asking me where my pigskin leather jackets are, right?

Also, I can see in my stats what key words are typed in to find me. So you would think that pigskin leather jacket or jackets would really be up there, right? Well you’d be wrong, amazingly enough.
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New leather jacket and apparel model

Leather jacket model

Man oh man have I been busy! I took on a website making project so I’ve been doing that. Anyway I wanted to let you know of something I’m working on here at Leather Supreme. My leather jackets and apparel are quality leather that I buy from a wholesaler, like all retailers do.

The pictures are stock from the dealer. That means everyone who sells this same leather has the same pictures. So I thought, why not make my own and be different? Then I thought, hell why not make videos of my leather!

See the cute girl in the picture up there? That’s my good friend,,,, lets call her leather babe! She’s going to start modeling my leather jackets and apparel. But not just pictures. I’m going to film her modeling the leather also.
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Too much leather conditioner on your leather jacket causes mildew

Don't put too much conditioner on your leather jacket!

I got a question a week ago that I thought would make a good post, so here it is! Someone asked that their leather jacket always seems to get mildew on it. They said the jacket always seems to have oil on it, no matter how much they hang it up to dry. They wanted to know how to stop it from getting mildew.

Well, it sounds like the leather jacket has too much conditioner on it. Or, the type of conditioner on it is thick and heavy and not the right type to use. Leather conditioner is nothing more than oil that you rub into your leather item. Some of them have several different ingredients mixed together.

The whole point of leather conditioner is to make the leather soft and prevent it from cracking. It also acts to make it water resistant. The oil protects the leather fibers, replacing the natural oils that were there when the animal was alive. However leather also has to breath and let moisture out.
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Make getting a quality leather jacket your new years resolution

Quality leather jackets

Now that it’s 2010 it’s time to make some new years resolutions that you can keep! One of those can be finally getting a quality leather jacket. Maybe you have a patchwork or bonded leather jacket. Or you have a faux leather jacket, or leather-like jacket. None of those compare with a nice, real, quality leather jacket.

A leather jacket made of pigskin, cowhide or buffalo will last for years. Getting a naked, top grain leather jacket is the best of the best. It does not have to cost much either. The ones I sell here are all top quality and they go for between $130.00 to a little over $200.00 in most cases. NONE are patchwork or bonded leather.

A quality leather jacket or leather motorcycle jacket with a zip out liner is warm for cold weather yet cool enough for most of the year. Almost all have YKK zippers, which are the best. Many also have nice leather braiding, beads, leather fringe and more, as well as plain ones.

They also have free shipping in the USA, always. I’m working on getting much more in here soon. ( I know, I’ve said that before!) So make this year the one you finally get a real, high quality leather jacket you can be proud of. Take a look at the ones I have and see if you like any. If not, shoot me a message and I’ll be glad to recommend other sites that have what your looking for. 🙂

Lambskin, sheepskin and goatskin leather fashion jackets

mens fashion leather jacketsladies fashion leather jackets

With the Christmas shopping season here many will be out buying a nice looking leather fashion jacket for their lady or man. I often talk about how cowhide and buffalo hide are best for leather motorcycle jackets. That’s true, but not when it comes to fashion leather jackets.

Getting a leather jacket or coat you just want to look good in is much different than getting a motorcycle leather jacket. You don’t care about it protecting you from road rash if you fall off your bike. You want a jacket that looks sharp, feels good and is soft.

So in that case you’ll be more happier with a leather jacket or coat made out of lambskin, sheepskin or goatskin. All of those have more of a fine leather grain that makes them look smoother and polished. It also makes the leather softer as the leather grain is not as thick and rough.

Out of all of them lambskin is the softest, if all have been processed the same way. It’s also the weakest leather. But if the leather jacket is just for showing off and making the chicks at the bar run their hands over it, it’s fine! Sheepskin and goatskin are stronger and about the same in strength.

Now cowhide and pigskin are still great for fashion leather jackets too. They split the hide thinner for those types of jackets and coats. So they also can be very soft and look great. I’m just letting you know that lambskin, sheepskin and goatskin are fine for fashion leather jackets. Happy shopping!

Best selling ladies leather jacket on sale through the Holidays!

Ladies western fringe orange flame leather motorcycle jacket
Price: $188.00
Holiday sale till 12/25/09!
Only $149.00!

Well everyone, like it or not the Holidays are upon us! I don’t think many are feeling all that great about gift giving this year, what with all the money problems most are having. But for those who are doing okay, I’ve decided to have a sale on my most popular ladies leather jacket.

This women’s leather jacket is fantastic, with very long leather fringe on the front, back and arms. The fringe has both black and orange colors, to match the orange flame design on the front and back. The leather is made from top full grain naked cowhide that is very soft.

It has a snug gathered waist to show off your body and looks great both riding a motorcycle as well as using it for a fashion leather jacket. Comes with a zip out thinsulate liner and lots more, click the picture above to see all the details on it’s home page.

This ladies leather fringe jacket is my best seller, and it’s on sale now until Christmas. It’s common for popular leather jackets to sell out over the Holidays, so get yours while they last. I’ll try to pick out a men’s leather jacket to put on sale too, check back for that. Happy shopping!

Ladies western fringe orange flame leather motorcycle jacket