AIMExpo motorcycle show at Orlando convention center

AIM expo show

Today I went to the AIMExpo motorcycle show at Orlando convention center. There were over 400 different booths plus a large outside area. It was pretty cool to see so much motorcycle products and accessories all in one place.

I took a bunch of pictures which you can view below. They had a Batman motorcycle, other cool bikes and even a 4-wheeler off road ATV that doubles as a jet ski in the water!

So check out the pics below and see some cool bikes. No I did not buy anything, everything was way too expensive for me. But all the bikes would look great with a person on them wearing my leather jackets! 😀

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Added new mens black buffalo leather duster coat

Mens black buffalo leather duster coat
Click here to see this buffalo leather duster coat!

HI everyone, I added a new item today, a great mens black buffalo leather duster coat, or jacket if you call them that. This one is very nice, made of top grain buffalo leather that is very rugged.

Some of the nice features on this black leather duster is the zip out thinsulate liner that runs all the way up the sleeves. It also has a full, snap button removable cape.

This mens black buffalo leather duster coat or jacket also has leg straps to keep it in place, and a cut back so it fits well while riding your bike. The front has two big, snap button front pockets.
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Leather jacket thickness and toughness

Leather jacket thickness

I recently had an email from someone who wanted to know if a leather jacket I had was really tough, not a soft leather jacket. He seemed to indicate that if a leather jacket was soft to the touch it was not a tough leather jacket. So I thought I’d clear up that question in a post today.

How tough, or long lasting a leather jacket is depends on several things, but softness is not one of them. Leather that is soft and flexible to the touch has just been treated very well to get that way. The real test of how rugged a leather jacket is depends on the type of hide, the layer of the hide used and how thick the hide is.

A top grain leather is the layer of hide at the top, where the hair use to be. That layer is the strongest part of the hide. Leather hides are always split into several layers. The layers below the top grain is the split grain leather, which is a bit weaker than the top layer.
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Harley Davidson Dealers around bike week in central Florida

Harley Davidson dealers around Orlando

With bike week in Daytona beach this weekend, the Harley Davidson dealerships all over the central Florida area will be having events and sales. So I thought you might like a list of the bigger Harley dealerships and shops.

Now there actually are a lot of them in the central Florida area if you include the smaller shops. But I’m just going to list the big ones here. That will still be around 5 or more to look at. So, here’s a list of the bigger Harley Davidson motorcycle dealers in the central Florida area.

Orlando Harley-Davidson
3770 37th Street
Orlando, FL, USA 32805
(407) 447-3146 (fax)
Visit Our Web site

The biggest Harley dealer in Orlando, you can see them right on I-4 highway as they border it!
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Bike week Daytona Beach 2009 youtube video

Click here for my youtube channel!

Hey everyone! I’ve been really busy the past few days. I finally got myself a camcorder and also my own youtube channel. So now I’m all set to take lots of good videos of this years bike week!

I also run an Orlando tourist site, so my youtube channel has both biker and theme park videos, or at least will have. Right now I just have a few picture slide show videos in there.

But soon I’ll be taking a lot of videos of leather jacket stuff, bikers and Orlando tourist information. So check out my youtube video channel and send me a friend request. Then you can see all the new videos when I add them.

The one above is the pictures I have in my gallery, I just made a slide show video out of it. Maybe I’ll put on some of the leather jackets and make short videos of them so you can see better how they look and what they have.

Of course what I really want to do is get a hot babe to pose for videos of leather skirts and tops, lol! I’ll let you know if I have any luck making those. So anyway look for some bike week videos here soon, and join my youtube video channel to see all my videos! 🙂

Making a leather motorcycle tool bag youtube video

It’s been a while since I had a leather youtube video on here, so I got this great one. This guy makes all kinds of leather motorcycle saddlebags, tool bags and many others. In this cool youtube video he shows how to make a leather motorcycle tool bag from start to finish.

He shows every step, from cutting the raw flat leather to putting the many finishes and dyes on the leather. All the way up to the final finished leather motorcycle tool bag. It’s pretty nice to see all the steps and you’ll be surprised at how he does some of the things he does.

This leather youtube video is almost 10 minutes long, so give yourself some time to watch it. It’s always nice to see real hand made leather items how how they make them. So enjoy this youtube leather motorcycle tool bag video!

How to buy quality leather gloves and motorcycle gloves

leather motorcycle glovesleather motorcycle gloves

I’ve never had a post about leather gloves before on here. The reason is,,, well,,, there are so damn many different types of leather gloves out there! So it’s hard to really say just what you should look for or what to get. Leather gloves can be made of just about any type of leather hide, plus have many other fabrics and synthetic material in them.

They can be lined or unlined, stiff or soft, tough like iron or delicate to scratches, any color of the rainbow, with or without leather fringes or hardware and on and on. So it can be very confusing if your trying to find a quality pair of leather gloves. One thing I can tell you is, DON’T get “patchwork” leather gloves.

Those are the type that has many small pieces of leather sewn together to make the finished product. They are junk and you should not get any type of leather item made from patchwork leather, be it a leather jacket, vest, wallet or gloves. Now, there are three basic types of leather gloves, with variations in each class. The first is full finger leather gloves like in the pictures above.
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Leather jackets, perfect for fall motorcycle riding

leather jackets are great for fall motorcycle riding

Labor Day weekend is over, hope everyone had a good time! Soon it will be fall, with cooler weather and leaves changing color up north. Often it gets too hot in the summer to wear a leather jacket, at least in the hottest parts of the summer. But fall, that’s a perfect time to be wearing your leather jacket. A good bike under you, a country road ahead of you and your favorite leather jacket on is heaven!

I’m going up to Vermont, my home state, in October. No, not taking the bike. It’s a bit too far for me, I’m going to fly! But I wish I could bring my bike with me. Fall in Vermont is a fantastic time for biking on all the quiet, scenic country roads. Most of the time in the fall it’s overcast but not really raining, cool but not really cold.

The bugs are gone and you can smell those colorful leaves as they change to orange, gold and red. Having your leather jacket on, maybe with the liner in, keeps out the cold wind yet does not get you too hot. You can play with the zippered air vents till you get it just right for your comfort. Just you and the winding road, maybe seeing a deer or geese here and there.

If you ever get the chance, take your motorcycle and go to Stowe, Vermont in the fall. Go up the mountain road and down into The Notch. Take the toll road to the top of Mt. Mansfield and you’ll see for miles, all the leaves a brilliant color. This is what biking and leather jackets are all about! 🙂

Labor Day weekend motorcycle events

labor day weekend motorcycle events

Well everyone, the summer is winding down. This weekend is Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer. Down here in Florida the good weather is just beginning! But for those up north the cold weather will soon be here. Although biking in the fall is nice up there, looking at all the fall leaves and colors. I’m going up to my home state of Vermont in October for a few weeks myself.

There’s lots of motorcycle rides and events going on throughout the country on Labor Day weekend. So many I’m not going to try to list any here. However there is a website that has a motorcycle calendar of events. It list what seems to be every biker ride and event going on all year! There’s lots in there for Labor Day weekend too.

The website is called Motorcycle Events, and it has lots of great links to anything and everything about motorcycles. So if you want to check and see what might be going on in your neck of the woods for Labor Day weekend, check out the link above. Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone, and PLEASE ride safe! 😉

Motorcycle sales down in recession?

motorcycle sales

I was reading the news the other day and found some stats that was surprising to me. Now that times are hard and people are trying to save money, I thought motorcycle sales would be great. After all, motorcycles are very good on gas, you can buy used ones for only a few thousand and in Florida you don’t even need any insurance! (although that’s not a good idea).

But it turns out that motorcycle dealers are really getting hit hard and are even going out of biz. Why? Well for the most part it’s because of the clamp down on credit. Getting a house, then getting a car are considered basic “needs” and you can get credit easier for those. But a motorcycle is looked at as a toy you don’t need.

So the credit companies are making it really hard to finance one. Even people with great credit are finding out they can’t get a loan for a motorcycle. Getting a Harley is easier because they have their own financing and they are not being as hard as the others. So, if your thinking of getting a motorcycle right now, save up your money!

Try to have as much down as you can so it’s easier to get credit. Go with a Harley if you like them, as it’s easier to get financing with them. If you have bad credit, forget about it. You can always get a used one for a few thousand if your not picky. Good luck!

Added a picture gallery for Daytona bike week 2009

bike week 2009 in Daytona beach

Well I finally got time to make another post on here! I managed to get up to Daytona beach for bike week on Thursday. It was not fun, at least not the trip up. I got stuck in two accidents on the way up on I-4, I knew I should have taken I-95. Then once there it was stop and go for hours!

I finally got close to main st. and got a place to park for 10 bucks. Then I walked down to main st. and started taking pictures. It was crowded, as it always is. I always like looking at the custom bikes and the custom paint jobs on them, damn they look nice. There was lots of hot babes serving beer and so on too.

They had about the same amount of booths that they have every year. Seems like almost half the places was food joints, they really were selling lots of food. It was late by the time I got there so I did not have much time to take good pictures before dark, but I got a few. So I made my very first bike week gallery in here.

There’s not much to it, but you can see some nice custom bikes and trikes in it. Sorry, no pictures of the hot babes, I’ll have to do that next year. So bike week looks like it was a success like last year and next year should be as good or better. Check out my bike week 2009 gallery here. I’ll try to start posting more regularly from now on!

Small leather items that make good gifts

leather items that make good gifts

In my last post I was saying how maybe getting someone a leather jacket might not be such a great idea, since it’s so personal. But today I’ll tell you about leather items that do make great gifts. There’s a lot of small items for the motorcycle or for yourself made of leather that are great gifts and not too expensive.

A leather purse is one item, that would be for a girl of course! You can find many styles and colors, along with many sizes. While were talking about leather gifts for a woman, another leather gift could be leather ponytail holders. You also can find leather waist pouches, leather backpacks and leather shoulder bags.

For more unisex leather gifts, we have leather cup holders for the motorcycle, leather cigarette cases, leather cell phone holders, leather cigarette lighter cases, lots of different types of leather hats and more. Leather gloves are also a good gift item if you know what style they like. I don’t think leather boots are a good gift, you really need to know the size and style they want. [Read more…]