Added a picture gallery for Daytona bike week 2009

bike week 2009 in Daytona beach

Well I finally got time to make another post on here! I managed to get up to Daytona beach for bike week on Thursday. It was not fun, at least not the trip up. I got stuck in two accidents on the way up on I-4, I knew I should have taken I-95. Then once there it was stop and go for hours!

I finally got close to main st. and got a place to park for 10 bucks. Then I walked down to main st. and started taking pictures. It was crowded, as it always is. I always like looking at the custom bikes and the custom paint jobs on them, damn they look nice. There was lots of hot babes serving beer and so on too.

They had about the same amount of booths that they have every year. Seems like almost half the places was food joints, they really were selling lots of food. It was late by the time I got there so I did not have much time to take good pictures before dark, but I got a few. So I made my very first bike week gallery in here.

There’s not much to it, but you can see some nice custom bikes and trikes in it. Sorry, no pictures of the hot babes, I’ll have to do that next year. So bike week looks like it was a success like last year and next year should be as good or better. Check out my bike week 2009 gallery here. I’ll try to start posting more regularly from now on!

Small leather items that make good gifts

leather items that make good gifts

In my last post I was saying how maybe getting someone a leather jacket might not be such a great idea, since it’s so personal. But today I’ll tell you about leather items that do make great gifts. There’s a lot of small items for the motorcycle or for yourself made of leather that are great gifts and not too expensive.

A leather purse is one item, that would be for a girl of course! You can find many styles and colors, along with many sizes. While were talking about leather gifts for a woman, another leather gift could be leather ponytail holders. You also can find leather waist pouches, leather backpacks and leather shoulder bags.

For more unisex leather gifts, we have leather cup holders for the motorcycle, leather cigarette cases, leather cell phone holders, leather cigarette lighter cases, lots of different types of leather hats and more. Leather gloves are also a good gift item if you know what style they like. I don’t think leather boots are a good gift, you really need to know the size and style they want. [Read more…]

Winter blues? Ride your motorcycle now in Florida!

Ride your motorcycle in Florida

For many motorcycle enthusiast, winter means that biking season is over. You put your Harley in storage, pack your leather motorcycle jacket and gear away and wait until spring. I know many friends who do that, as I use to live in Vermont. Hell, I bet there was only a month’s time in the whole year I could ride my hog without being cold.

It seems to me like such a waste. You pay so much for a motorcycle, put all that care, attention and money into it, just to only ride it a few months out of the year. But for those who live in the south, especially in Florida, the winter months are actually the best time of all to go cruising! Summer in Orlando for a biker is hot, damn hot! [Read more…]

Back in Florida, ready to ride my Harley!

Harley Davidson motorcycles

Well I just got back to Florida after spending 2 months in Vermont. I had a good time up there. The fall foliage was great, the colors were very nice and bright. My mom was very happy to have me up there that long. Working on your laptop sure has it’s rewards, you can go anywhere and still be at work! I’ll try to post some more pictures I took up there.

But the last few days were damn cold, we even had snow! I hate the cold, which is why I moved to Florida. So I flew back on the first of the month and have been busy getting everything back in order with my life. It’s perfect right now down here, not too hot and not too cold. Fall is actually the best time for anyone to take a vacation down here.

I look forward to getting my Harley out and going for a nice long cruise. No, that’s not mine in the picture, I’ll post one of mine soon, it looks the same as that one, a nice touring bike. Winter is great down here for wearing your leather motorcycle jacket and going for a ride. Summer is just a bit too hot for leather jackets down here.

So anyways I’ll try to post more now that I’m back. Yes, I have to fill up my store area with a lot more stuff, I guess I’m going to miss the Holiday rush, I just can’t get it all together in time. But next year I’ll have my leather store much bigger. So look for more post in here, and more items added to the store. It’s good to be back!

Leather motorcycle accessories

leather fringe motorcycle handle bar coversleather motorcycle cup holderleather motorcycle tank cover
Hi everyone, hope the weekend is going well. Today you can find a lot of different leather motorcycle accessories for your bike. None of it is stuff you really need, but it adds a nice touch to your bike if you like a lot of leather trim on it. Now of course you have your leather seat, leather saddlebags and those other leather tool bags and stuff.

But there’s a lot of little things you can add to your bike made of leather too. One of the most common are the leather cup holders. They can come in lots of different designs, with leather fringe, studs and so on. Most have a hole in the bottom to attach to a part of your bike, or straps to go around any bar or something to attach to.

Then you have the motorcycle handlebar leather covers. Often they are made with long fringes hanging down, however many just are sleeves that cover the handlebar. They are mostly for looks, but they also feel nice in your hands.

They also make brake and clutch leather covers, with or without fringes. They can be colored or black. You can even find leather mud flap covers. They also have lots of different motorcycle leather tank covers. So if you look around you can outfit your motorcycle with a whole lot of leather accessories. I’ll be carrying those in my store, as soon as I get the time to add them!

Racer or scooter leather jackets

difference between scooter or racer leather jackets and motorcycle jackets

So just what is the difference between a motorcycle jacket and a scooter or racer style leather jacket? They both cost about the same, so that’s not it! They both are made for riding a motorcycle, and they both are made to protect you from the road and elements. I already made a post describing how a motorcycle leather jacket is designed and why they are shaped the way they are.

So if you want to read that one, click here for how a motorcycle leather jacket is designed. Now the scooter or racer style leather jacket is the same. Some call them a scooter jacket, mostly in the UK. The people in the USA often call them a racer jacket. The main reason for the difference in style is the type of motorcycle being rode and the type of person that rides those bikes!

Picture a big Harley cruiser bike. Normally you think of an older rider, maybe in his forties and up, sitting straight up or slightly back and enjoying the ride wearing his big motorcycle jacket. Now think of a younger hotshot riding his Nina performance bike. He’s leaned way forward, moving his body a lot as he zips around traffic and showing off. Two very different types of riders, and two different types of bikes. [Read more…]

Leather motorcycle jacket store is now open!

leather jackets

Hot damn! Well it took me a damn long time, but as you can see from the new top menu I now have my leather store open! Well, I don’t have much yet, just a few men’s and woman’s leather jackets. But at least it’s a start. I don’t have anything in the saddlebag section, that’s just got a “coming soon” greeting. I just wanted to try to fill up the menu.

Now once I get a lot more in here, those sections you see will change to “men’s leather apparel” and “woman’s leather apparel” along with sections for motorcycle gear bags, accessories and stuff like that. Then inside the men’s and woman’s sections will be more categories like ladies leather motorcycle jackets, fashion jackets, leather vest, halter tops and so on, you get the idea.

I’m telling you, putting in all the items by hand is a real pain in the ass! But I strongly believe I will get much better search engine hits with my own words in wordpress than by using a pre-made shopping cart. It will take me a month or so to slowly add all the items. There will be much more leather jackets than you see in each section right now.

So go take a peek at the leather motorcycle jackets I have now and tell me what you think. I think I have put all the information you want to know about them in the description. Instead of a generic “top grade leather” blurb, which means nothing, I tell you if it’s cowhide or buffalo, top grain, full grain or split grain, and if it’s naked leather or analine. Confused? Then click on the “leather Info” link in the blog categories to your left and find out all about how to pick out quality leather Items!

A sneak peek at my leather jacket store

motorcycle leather jackets

Hope everyone is have a great weekend. Today I am going up to Stowe here in Vermont and hike up the tallest mountain to take some pictures of the fall leaves. They also have some fall festival going on with locally made beer! So it should be fun, a lot more fun than the past few weeks of work has been, that’s for sure. I have been working hard on getting the leather store done in this site.

Frankly, it’s been a real pain in the ass! I know all about the technical stuff, that’s not the hard part. It’s just that I’m putting the store right into this blog software, called wordpress. Most use a shopping cart program. But I believe the search engine optimization will be much better with all the words written right into the blog software. Each item will have it’s own permalink and so on.

Plus I’m using paypal as my merchant account, so I just don’t need any fancy shopping cart software. But that means I’m doing everything manually, and so it’s taking a long time. However I do have both the men’s and woman’s motorcycle leather jacket pages done, at least enough to give you a sneak peek. I will add lots more jackets, but it’s enough to get started. [Read more…]

Leather motorcycle jackets & how they are different

men\'s leather motorcycle jacket

Hi everyone, hope your week is going well. Today I wanted to explain just what the real differences are between a classic style motorcycle jacket and any other type of leather jacket. Motorcycle jackets are not made the way they are just to look cool! Yes some go overboard on the damn zipper pockets, but for the most part there is a practical reason for all the ways a motorcycle jacket is styled.

Lets start with the overall fit, something most don’t think about. A motorcycle leather jacket is made for a person sitting on a motorcycle, duh! Now think about it, have you ever had on a coat or jacket and sat down in your car? I bet anything the front of your coat bunches up like a balloon. That’s because when you sit your lap is pushing the stiff jacket up. A motorcycle leather jacket is cut short in front.

See how short it comes to that guy in the picture? It’s cut so that it ends right at your waist, where you bend. That way it does not ride up and bunch up when sitting on a Harley. Now, the back however is cut a little longer. That’s because most are leaned forward with your hands up on the motorcycle handlebars. So they cut the back longer so it does not ride up and expose your lower back when your riding. [Read more…]

Motorcycle leather dusters and capes

motorcycle leather dusters and capes

Hi everybody, hope your weekend is going well. Today I wanted to talk a little about motorcycle leather dusters and capes. They are the same thing, just some people call them different names. In the old wild west cowboys used to wear leather dusters, and they were made for sitting on a horse. They still do use them out west for that.

But today most leather dusters and capes are for sitting on a motorcycle. They are cut the same way so you can ride without it looking funny and fitting wrong. So just what do they do, besides look cool? Well they are made for a very practical reason, not just for a fashion statement! They are made to protect you and your clothes from all the dirt, dust, bugs and elements that mother nature throws at you as you cruise down the road.

Most leather dusters and capes are made pretty much the same way. They are one piece, and made with cowhide, buffalo or goatskin. I myself think goatskin is a bit too weak for a leather duster, but a lot are made from them. The thickness should be 1.3 MM or thicker. You put it on like a leather jacket, only it is very long, going down just past your knees. [Read more…]

Leather jacket brands in my leather store

leather brands I will have in my store

Hello everyone. I’m enjoying my stay up in Vermont. It’s cooler than in Florida, that’s for sure! As you all know if you’ve been reading my post, I’m going to open a store in here. Actually I will be doing that very soon, maybe a week or two. I’m always honest about everything I do, I think you know that. So I think it’s only fair to tell you the leather brands I’ll be stocking.

Now most buy their leather from big wholesalers, then slap their own names on it. I’m not going to do that. I will just use the brand name it comes with, and let the quality do the talking. Now one thing I’m going to do is stock one brand that is very, very high quality. They cost top dollar, but they can’t be beat, no how, no way. I also will stock 2 or 3 brands that are good quality, yet not cost more than most can afford.

All will be quality leather jackets, vest, motorcycle leather and all that stuff. None will be cheap stuff, I hate cheap leather! But I wanted to have a choice of good quality leather that most want to buy, and then the super top of the line leather that people with lots of money want, or those who don’t mind paying a lot for the super quality leather. So what brands am I talking about? [Read more…]

What countries do we get leather hides from?

where do leather hides come from?

Time for another post from Uncle Bill here! Just in case you were wondering, I have not been getting much of that storm from hurricane Fay here in Orlando. It really flooded parts of the coast and all, but Orlando is in the middle of the state. So we have a steady rain, but no real storm or flooding here.

So on with the post of today, which is, just where does all our leather come from? I don’t mean what animal, I mean who produces it, tans it and so on. What county or countries are the biggest suppliers of leather in the USA? If you think most come from right here, your wrong, and the top country that produces leather may surprise you.

Most of the leather jackets you see in any store was made outside of the USA. That pretty much is the way most everything is today. Even Harley-Davidson has their leather apparel made outside the USA. Now that does not mean it’s not quality. Leather made outside the USA can be the finest quality. In fact most quality leather in the USA is imported, simply because most leather is imported. [Read more…]