Leather jacket shipping to Canada added

Leather jacket shipping in Canada

Good news for my Canadian friends! I now have added shipping to Canada in my store. So now anyone in Canada can order my leather jackets. The USA and Canada are the only countries I currently ship to.

After some thought I made the shipping cost to Canada a flat fee for any order. All my items are leather jackets, so it cost about the same for each item. I’m charging $28.00 shipping to Canada per order.

That’s actually a bit less than what it actually cost me. That also is per order, no matter how many items you buy. So if you buy 5 leather jackets to Canada, it still cost only $28.00.

Shipping inside the USA is still free. I use U.S. Postal Global Express Mail (EMS) for all Canada orders. It’s pretty fast and is the most cost effective way to ship outside the USA.

So if you live in Canada and always wanted to buy one of my leather jackets, now you can! I’ll be adding more too, so check them out and find one you like,,, or two or three! 🙂