Leather saddle carving youtube video

Hi everyone. I’m having a lazy day today, so I thought I’d throw up a youtube video on leather carving for a saddle. It’s pretty cool to see a leather tooling artist doing his work. I know I could never do this without going through a dozen saddles! The key seems to be having a really sharp leather tool.

It looks like having steady hands helps a lot too. So this youtube video on carving designs in a leather saddle might get you going to studying up on it if your interested in stuff like that. I’ll find more youtube videos on leather tooling, airbrushing and other leather youtube videos for you.

Watching a master airbrush artist painting a leather jacket is really something to see. You might also want to see some youtube videos on how to put studs and conchos in your leather jacket or leather apparel. So anyway have fun watching this youtube video on how to carve designs in a leather saddle.