Leather size chart

Welcome to the leather jacket, chaps and apparel size chart page. Nothing’s more frustrating than getting your leather item and finding out it does not fit. I’ve broken this into several sections to make it easier. The leather jackets and apparel I sell, in fact all of it, comes from the same wholesaler.

So, all of it has the same type of sizing. If you go by this chart and really measure yourself right, you should always get the right size.

Below is the size chart you should use for all men’s jackets, vest, dusters and leather shirts. Some items go by letter size, while others go by numeral size. I have included a chart that shows the letter sizes to numeral sizes conversion.  For the most part, you measure around the biggest part of your chest. Then you order a size two numbers greater than your chest measurement.


All sizes are in inches!

men\'s leather jackets and vest size chart

So, if your chest measurement is 44 inches, then you would buy a 46 size jacket or vest. That’s because you have to allow for clothes under your jacket. Also you stretch and so on, and you don’t want it too tight. Now, if you have a very large,,,uh,,,beer belly, you might want to use that measurement instead of your chest for the size. Sounds like a joke, but it’s not, I’m serous.

Now lets say you have a chest that is 45 inches. The next size up for that is the 46 inch size. But because it’s only one inch larger than your chest, I would go with the 48 inch size jacket. It’s always better to go too big than too small.

The sleeve measurement is a little longer than it should be. For most, if you get a leather jacket that fits your chest, the sleeve should be right. However if your a tall man, or one who just has very long arms, you might want to go by the sleeve measurement and try to figure if the chest size is going to be way to big for you.


This chart should be used for all woman’s leather jackets, vest, halter tops and bikinis. Like the men’s sizes, you want to measure around the biggest part of your chest, then get two sizes larger. So if you have a 36 inch chest, get a 38 inch leather jacket. That’s to allow for clothes and stretching. Women are a little more picky about how their jacket fits. If you want a nice tight fit, go up only one size. But if in doubt, go up two sizes.


All sizes are in inches!

woman's leather jackets and vest size chart

The sleeve measurement might be a bit long, don’t worry about that. The most important thing is the chest measurement. Now, some of the small leather halters and leather bikinis only come in sizes like S/M, L/XL. For those, uh,, use your own judgment. If you have a small or medium chest, use the smaller size. If you have a large chest, use the bigger size.


Below is the chart for men’s and woman’s leather pants and chaps. Women can also use the leather pants chart for leather skirts and shorts. For pants, shorts and skirts get the same size or one size larger than your actual measurements. For chaps, get two sizes larger than your actual measurements.

All sizes are in inches!

leather pants and chaps size chart

You might notice the side length seems long. That’s because most pants and chaps are cut long. That way you can cut them to the size you want. So the most important measurement is your waist. When you cut them, do it as your sitting down. That way you see how long you want them as your sitting, as it makes your pants ride up.

There, that pretty much covers the sizes. The best rule of thumb is to always get a size larger if in doubt, never a size smaller. If worst comes to worst I do take returns, but you will pay the return shipping. I ship the first time for free, and I pay to ship the correct size back to you. So paying the one way return shipping seems fair to me.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form in my “about” me page, or just click here. I am sure you will be very happy with your leather apparel and it will serve you well for years to come!