Men’s 75th Annual Daytona Beach 2016 Bike Week Rebel Confederate Flag T Shirt Designs

Daytona Beach 2016 Bike Week Confederate Flag tee shirts

I’m happy to report I now have new 75th Annual Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016 design tee shirts and denim biker shirts! You can find the main menu’s for the men’s bike week tees, men’s bike week denim sleeveless shirts and ladies bike week tee shirts in the top menu.

I wanted to talk a bit about the rebel confederate flag bike week designs I have, 4 in all. When I saw them I knew I wanted to get them as they look fantastic and would be popular. But right after I got them I remembered you can’t sell the rebel flag designs on Amazon or eBay anymore.

Yes I sell my items on those sites too. So I will have to sell them all on my own site here. I tested each and every design I have and they all are very high quality and colorful. They will not peel or wash off and feel very nice on the shirts.

Most bike week T shirt vendors use Gildan shirts. They are okay but often not very thick. I use Hanes Beefy-T tee shirts for the men’s tees. They are thick, high quality and more form fitting. They cost more but they will last longer, feel better and fit better.

For the ladies I use two types of tees. Hanes crew neck style and Hanes V neck tees. Again they are thicker, softer and fit better than other general bike week shirts. I even have men’s denim sleeveless bike week shirts.

Those are black and made by AllState Leather. They are very good quality and hold the designs well. True sizes too, not cut small like a lot of others. So that’s what I got for this year’s bike week.

I wanted to showcase my rebel confederate flag bike week designs here a bit. The first one up above is a big one that has a skeleton skull biker riding a motorcycle with a buffalo skull for handles. In the background is the confederate flag. It’s pretty cool!

Daytona Beach 2016 Bike Week Confederate Flag tee shirts

The next one above is the one I like the best out of the 4 rebel styles. It has a crisp, clean white design, 75th annual Bike Week Daytona Beach Florida 2016. Then in the center oval is the confederate flag logo. It’s the biggest design and the white design contrast well with the black shirt.

Daytona Beach 2016 Bike Week Confederate Flag tee shirts

Next we have this cool design above. It’s got big bold Bike Week 2016 letters with an American Bald Eagle that seems to be flying with a rebel confederate flag in it’s talons.

This one looks very patriotic to me and it’s very colorful. Now, on most of these designs a matching smaller one is also on the left front chest. This design is no exception, however it also has a medium sized design that goes in the front center chest area.

So you have a choice of a small design on the left front chest or the medium sized one in the center chest area. I have listings for both styles. It’s a pretty cool design, I’m happy I got it.

Daytona Beach 2016 Bike Week Confederate Flag tee shirts

Finally we have this neat design. Once again it spells out 75th Annual Bike Week 2016 Daytona Beach Florida. Then in the center is the grim reaper wearing a rebel confederate flag hooded robe. It’s a good one if you like the grim reaper in your designs.

I have all these designs not only on my men’s bike week tees but also on my men’s black denim sleeveless biker shirts. I was going to also have a nice men’s denim vest with the designs on them too, but I never have enough time to take pics of it and list them!

I do have it however, in both blue denim and black denim. So if your interested email me about it. They have a removable gun holster in the inside pockets. Anyways check out all my cool 75th annual Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016 shirt designs for both men and ladies, especially these rebel confederate flag bike week designs. 🙂