Men’s leather trenchcoat Item M80

mens leather trenchcoat

Every guy should own at least one leather trenchcoat! This top quality men’s leather trench coat has it all. Made of buttery soft and smooth leather, it has 4 rows of big double buttons in the front.

Inside this mens leather trenchcoat is a zip out thinsulate liner that runs up the sleeves with a built in neck warmer. The collar can be turned up in bad weather, and it has two big side pockets as well as inside pockets.

Finally it has an over-sized leather wrap around belt. A leather trench coat is great for keeping your clothes dry and clean on bad days, plus this one keeps you very warm. I love mine!

* Top quality buttery soft leather
* Two big side pockets and inside pockets
* Zip out full sleeve liner with neck warmer
* Classic styled collar
* Double button front
* Over-sized leather belt

Price:181.00 FREE shipping in the USA!

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