Mens leather racer jacket with skull pattern design

Mens leather racer jacket with flaming skull design
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Leather apparel is perhaps the oldest type of clothing known to the human race, and it’s never gone out of style. Today, leather is cooler than ever – or perhaps that should be “hotter than ever.” If you’re in the market for a great men’s leather jacket, check out Leather Supreme’s men’s black racer jacket.

The jacket falls just below the waist and is made of top-quality naked cowhide. It’s very well made, and it’s tough and durable. As well as being extremely functional, this jacket is also sharp, and it’s truly unique.

Along the breast of the jacket are skulls that are aflame with red and yellow, and the design also encompasses the upper arms. Each flaming skull sits atop a pair of crossed bones, and the skulls are reflective. On the back is a large single skull. All the skulls flash a grin of white teeth, too.

The jacket’s collar is traditional racer style, and the cuffs are zippered. It has a warm liner that extends the length of the sleeves, and the liner can easily be removed via a zipper. The front of the jacket includes two air vents, and the front and arms of the leather jacket include reflective strips for added safety.

Another neat thing about this men’s leather race jacket is the storage compartments. You’ll find zippered pockets on the inside and on the outside, great for securing small items and valuables.

This leather racer jacket is definitely an attention-getter, as it can’t help but turn heads in your direction. Also, since it’s so well made, this quality leather jacket will provide you with years of wear, with minimum required care. 🙂