Men’s Tall Size Retro Brown Buffalo Hide 10 Pocket Concealed Carry Leather Vest TRVEST

mens tall size retro brown leather vest

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Men’s quality tall size genuine retro brown top grain buffalo hide leather 10 pocket concealed carry vest. The color is a very unique dark retro brown with a distressed look. It has varying shades of dark brown to black that looks great, no two alike. It is deep tanned into the leather so it will last and it’s very hard to make or find.

This vest has sturdy side laces, two small open front pockets and two vertical zippered pockets on the outside. The lined inside has two zippered pockets, two slash side pockets big enough for concealed carry and finally two smaller pockets for a total of ten pockets. It’s made of thick, premium buffalo hide leather that will last a long time. The front snap buttons and hardware are a nice antique brass finish.

This vest now comes with a removable gun holster that attaches to either the left or right inside gun pocket with built in velcro! So you can take it out to use as normal pockets or attach it in the left or right pocket to hold your pistol securely.

This is a quality one of a kind leather vest, you’ll love it! For correct size, get one size LARGER than your chest size. So if your chest with a T shirt on is 46 inches around, get a size 48. Tall size is 2 inches longer than normal sizes. I have this vest in a normal size here, color is a bit less dark retro brown.

Size 42= 39-40 inches around bare chest
Size 44= 41-42 inches around bare chest
Size 46= 43-44 inches around bare chest
Size 48= 45-46 inches around bare chest
Size 50= 47-48 inches around bare chest
Size 52= 49-50 inches around bare chest
Size 54= 51-52 inches around bare chest
NOTE: if your stomach is bigger than your chest, use that measurement in place of the chest measurement

Price: $172.00 FREE shipping in the USA!