New, Google checkout and PayPal choices for leather items checkout

New choices for checkout at Leather Supreme

Hey everyone, how are you enjoying the fall weather? It’s nice to have some cool weather for a change, I think so anyways. I’ve been getting my leather site here ready for the big holiday buying season. So I decided to make the checkout easier.

Up until now you had to use PayPal, my merchant processor, to purchase items on here. You could still pay with a credit card but it goes through PayPal. Some people don’t like PayPal and don’t trust them.

I think they are fine and never had a problem with them. However since some people don’t care for them much I decided to see what else I could use as a payment merchant. One of them was Google Checkout.

They are very popular, just like PayPal. So I thought, why not give people a choice and offer both of them, then you can choose what one you want? So as of today you now have a choice when you checkout to use Google Checkout or PayPal!

So what are the pros and cons of each? Well first, each product at the bottom of the page will show you the two ways of checking out, just like in the picture above. You just pick one, choose your size and push the buy button.

If you use Google Checkout, once you buy anything, that little shopping cart icon you see in the top right of your screen will drop down and show you the item you just bought as being in your shopping cart. You may need to hit the buy button once before you see it.

So it stays right on your page, it does not open a new window, which is nice. If you add anything else it will show the other items in your cart and you can remove any right in the window.

Once you decide you want to buy your items you hit the checkout button in the cart screen. It will then open a new window and you just fill in your info and card stuff and check out.

You can only use Google Checkout if your ordering within the USA, sorry. Due to some shipping cost configuration I have not figured out how to offer it outside the USA yet. All shipping is free inside the USA no matter what one you choose.

If you use PayPal to check out, once you hit the buy button it open a new window with your item. That takes you away from the page, which some don’t like. You can hit a button to go back to where you had been.

Once ready to buy you hit the checkout button and can pay by your PayPal account or a credit card. So with both you can use any kind of credit or debit card.

Each one has a secure line. So it really just comes down to who you want to use. Some have a PayPal account and like them, others have a Google account and prefer them. So now you get a choice. Hope you like this new feature! 🙂