New womens black biker fashion leather jacket coming soon

Womens leather fashion jacket

I put in a new order of leather jackets about a month ago, and they will finally be here next week sometime. There are two different jackets, both black ladies leather fashion jackets.

The one you see in the picture above has been popular, which is why I ordered more. It’s a womens black lambskin biker style leather fashion jacket. The leather is super soft and smooth, smoother than how the image shows it.

In fact I need to take some new pictures of it once it gets in, I hate not having good pictures so you can see all the details. I got a few each in sizes small, medium, large and XL.

It has a short cut to it, coming down just above the waist, which seems to be the style these days. It has the classic biker style collar with a smooth nylon lining inside.

Womens leather jackets

Outside it has a sharp looking slanted vertical zippered pocket, plus two other zippered pockets on each side. Then on both sides it has double buckles to adjust the tightness of the fit plus looks very fashionable.

Finally it has a double shoulder cut in the back. That makes it easier to bend and turn without the jacket binding up. Plus again it adds a nice “biker chick” touch to this ladies fashion jacket.

I’ve had great feedback on this jacket, especially about how soft and smooth the lambskin leather is. It looks great too, really seems to be the “in” look right now. However I think biker look fashion jackets are always in style.

I should have this up for sale by the end of next week ( July 6 2013), no more than two weeks. So if your in the market for a ladies lambskin biker fashion style leather jacket, you’ll be very happy with this! 🙂