New women’s leather jackets, coats and shirts added!

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I have big news everyone! It took me all day, but I finally added another women’s leather jackets page in the store. Not motorcycle jackets, but nice women’s winter coats, jackets, even leather shirts!

I want to have more for the upcoming Holiday season. Plus winter is the time women want to buy a nice warm leather coat. So I added around 12 new ladies leather jackets and coats.

You can see the link in the top menu bar, the last link on your right. You can find several warm women’s leather jackets, including 2/4 length ones, removable leather belts, zip up or button style and more.

I even have a great women’s leather trenchcoat that looks fantastic. It has a button front, stylish collar and zip out liner. Or how about a women’s long leather coat, I added that too.

I even have a cool women’s leather jacket that looks like a blue denim jacket! That’s right, it’s 100% quality leather but it’s been treated to look like a blue denim jacket. complete with studs and a pink logo on the back.

So in the next few weeks I’ll be making post about these new leather jackets, coats and shirts. As always they are top quality leather, very soft and smooth. They look fantastic and the feel is amazing.

A women’s winter leather coat looks great and is very warm. So check them out, let me know if you have any questions and don’t forget they all have free shipping in the USA. Take a peek at my new women’s leather jackets and coats today! 😉