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Leather roses for Valentines day!

leather roses for bikers

Valentines day will be here soon. The perfect gift for the biker babe, or any girl who wants something different, is leather roses! At Just Leather Roses you can buy a dozen red leather roses, or other colors and amounts.

They come in a clear case just like a normal dozen red roses would. Or you can buy a variety of beautiful wooden vases to put your leather roses in. You can get a single leather rose all the way up to a dozen.

You also can find black leather roses and a special biker dozen of black and orange leather roses. They even take special request if you want a mix of colors for your leather roses.

So this year give your sweetie something that will last more than a few days, give her beautiful leather roses! They will last a lifetime and be something she can remember. šŸ˜‰

Leather roses, biker black leather rose gifts

leather roses for bikers

Today I’d like to tell you all about a great place to buy leather roses. I’ve added a few sponsors to my site here, good ones that carry quality leather items. One of them is a place called Just Paper Roses.

Despite the name they actually carry great real leather roses as well as several other types of roses, including paper roses. Their leather roses come in different colors, including black rose leather.
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