Mens Leather Bomber Jacket review

Mens leather bomber jacket

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Today I wanted to write about one of the mens leather bomber jackets I have. I just bought this one myself about 3 weeks ago and I love it! So I thought I’d give a review of it.

This mens leather bomber jacket is made of split cowhide and is very soft and smooth. The back is a full one piece leather with no seams, except for at the top.

So it’s a great jacket to put a large patch or an airbrush design on the back. The cuffs have snap buttons with two for a larger or smaller fit. The collar is not very wide, which gives it a trim, stylish look.
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New leather bomber jackets are in!

mens leather bomber jacketsmens leather bomber jackets

Good news everyone. I added 3 leather bomber jackets to the mens leather jackets store section. You can find them on the bottom of that page. They are all great, top quality leather bomber jackets.

The first one is the sharpest looking one, at least I think so. It’s snug and has a snappy zipper front with no flap over it. So it looks sharp and sporty, good enough to wear anywhere.

The last leather bomber jacket has a feature I said bomber jackets don’t have, just my luck! This one has two front vertical air vents and one top horizontal air vent in the back.

So if you love riding a motorcycle and love bomber jackets than this is the one you want. It’s kind of a hybrid, as most leather bomber jackets don’t have air vents.

They all come with zip out liners and they all are top quality leather. So if your looking for a leather bomber jacket, take a peek at the three I just added. Ask me any questions you might have. 🙂

Men’s leather bomber jacket, answers about leather bomber jackets

Mens leather bomber jacket

Very soon I’m going to be starting to carry men’s leather bomber jackets. I own several of them myself and love them. Let me explain just a bit about what a leather bomber jacket is and how it’s different from other leather jackets.

First a little history about why they are called bomber jackets. I may be wrong, but I think the term came from the leather jackets the airmen wore during world world II. The aircraft were bombers, and so the particular style of leather jacket they wore became known as leather bomber jackets. Correct me if I’m wrong. 😉

Leather bomber jackets are made to be very comfortable. They have a loose fit cut around the chest and body area so you can turn and bend easy with them on. The sleeves are a bit long also for the same reason.
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