How to buy a quality soft leather briefcase and what to look for

buying a leather briefcase

How do you buy a quality leather briefcase? What do you look for when buying a leather briefcase? How do I know if a briefcase is made of real leather? If you’ve ever tried to buy a leather briefcase chances are you’ve asked those questions. I use to sell leather briefcases, and airbrushed monograms on them.

There are many kinds of leather briefcases. You have very simple ones with just a few compartments, to briefcases with many compartments, file holders, pen holders, pockets, laptop compartments and more. The two main types of leather briefcases are hard briefcases and soft briefcases. The hard leather briefcases normally have latches with combination locks, or key locks.

Today I’ll just talk about the soft leather briefcases. Most soft leather briefcases have a fold over top flap that locks in place by a snap, twist button, buckles or simple buttons. Also popular are the zippered leather briefcases with several zippered compartments. What style you get is really a matter of personal preference. [Read more…]

Leather hardware for leather jackets

Leather hardware for leather jackets

How’s everyone doing today, out riding the Harley? I’m stuck in here, writing this post, lol. Well, now that I’ve explained how to get the best leather for a leather jacket, I’ll explain a bit about all the leather hardware that goes into a leather jacket. Hardware is anything that is sewn, stamped, snapped, crimped or otherwise attached to a leather jacket, or other leather product.

It can be the zipper, conchos, button snaps, studs, buckles, anything. There are special leather tools made to work this stuff into the leather. Anything that is just forced through the leather makes it weak and likely to tear. Leather tools cut the small holes and so on needed to attach the hardware.

Now, the last thing you want is to have your hardware rust! Not only will that render the hardware useless, it will destroy the leather around it. Real cheap leather is sometimes made with hardware that rust, I call it rustware. Also the thickness of the hardware determines how good it is. A thin cheap snap will pull out or stop snapping together. [Read more…]