Make getting a quality leather jacket your new years resolution

Quality leather jackets

Now that it’s 2010 it’s time to make some new years resolutions that you can keep! One of those can be finally getting a quality leather jacket. Maybe you have a patchwork or bonded leather jacket. Or you have a faux leather jacket, or leather-like jacket. None of those compare with a nice, real, quality leather jacket.

A leather jacket made of pigskin, cowhide or buffalo will last for years. Getting a naked, top grain leather jacket is the best of the best. It does not have to cost much either. The ones I sell here are all top quality and they go for between $130.00 to a little over $200.00 in most cases. NONE are patchwork or bonded leather.

A quality leather jacket or leather motorcycle jacket with a zip out liner is warm for cold weather yet cool enough for most of the year. Almost all have YKK zippers, which are the best. Many also have nice leather braiding, beads, leather fringe and more, as well as plain ones.

They also have free shipping in the USA, always. I’m working on getting much more in here soon. ( I know, I’ve said that before!) So make this year the one you finally get a real, high quality leather jacket you can be proud of. Take a look at the ones I have and see if you like any. If not, shoot me a message and I’ll be glad to recommend other sites that have what your looking for. 🙂

buying and care of a hard leather briefcase

hard leather briefcase

When I use to sell monogrammed leather products, the biggest seller at Christmas time was hard leather briefcases. I think lots of dads get 4 things for gifts; socks, ties, wallets and leather briefcases! Of course most get the cheap ones that cost around $20.00 bucks and not made of real leather. I made a post about soft leather ones, now I’ll talk about hard leather briefcases.

Most hard leather briefcases look pretty much like the one in the top picture. They normally close and shut with a latch or combination lock, or both. Some lock with a key, and yet others close with a buckle. But the latch and combination lock are the most common. If it’s made of real leather, it should say “made of genuine leather” on a tag or inside somewhere.

Leatherette, man made leather or “leather like” is NOT real leather. Patchwork leather is a very cheap and worthless material, please don’t get one made like that. There is actually two ways a hard leather briefcase can be made. One way is using thick leather that has been treated differently than how they treat leather for jackets and apparel. [Read more…]

How to buy a quality soft leather briefcase and what to look for

buying a leather briefcase

How do you buy a quality leather briefcase? What do you look for when buying a leather briefcase? How do I know if a briefcase is made of real leather? If you’ve ever tried to buy a leather briefcase chances are you’ve asked those questions. I use to sell leather briefcases, and airbrushed monograms on them.

There are many kinds of leather briefcases. You have very simple ones with just a few compartments, to briefcases with many compartments, file holders, pen holders, pockets, laptop compartments and more. The two main types of leather briefcases are hard briefcases and soft briefcases. The hard leather briefcases normally have latches with combination locks, or key locks.

Today I’ll just talk about the soft leather briefcases. Most soft leather briefcases have a fold over top flap that locks in place by a snap, twist button, buckles or simple buttons. Also popular are the zippered leather briefcases with several zippered compartments. What style you get is really a matter of personal preference. [Read more…]

How to buy leather shirts

leather shirts

Hi everyone, sorry I have not been posting much. I’ve got a lot of writing I’ve been finishing up. Once I have it done in a day or two I’ll be doing more work in here. That includes getting more items in my store too! Well today I thought I’d make a quick post about leather shirts. Yes, they make leather shirts, in lots of different styles too.

Now normally I talk about how you want a tough cowhide or buffalo leather hide, or pigskin hide leather jacket. But for a shirt, you want something soft and flexible. Often you want it made from the split grain, unless it’s lambskin, sheepskin or maybe goat. The split grain is more softer and flexible than the top grain, which is better for a jacket.

So for a leather shirt the best type of leather is lambskin, sheepskin and goat. But the split grain of cowhide, buffalo and pigskin can also be used, however the lambskin will be the softest. Most leather shirts button up in front, but some have snap buttons, and some you put on like a sweater with just a short top zipper. Often they have breast pockets that button or snap shut. [Read more…]

Is using leather humane for animals?

is using leather items humane?

Well here we are, the big Labor day weekend! I’m flying up to Vermont to see my mom and take in the fall foliage. I’ll stay there about 2 months and work on my laptop. I may even get to meet a pretty babe, life is good! So anyway I wanted to set the record straight as far as if using leather is humane.

Now we know leather comes from animals, mainly cows, pigs, buffalo, goats, sheep and lambs. So there is no denying that wearing leather comes from a dead animal. But the question is, do any animals die because of the leather from their hides? That is, do any animals get killed to take their hide and turn it into leather? The answer is a big NO!

Now I am not talking about fur coats or other items made from fur. Yes, animals like mink, fox and several other types of animals do get raised and killed for the main purpose of using their fur and hide. But for leather items, the hide is a byproduct of the main reason the animal is used for, which is their meat. There is no way it is cost effective to raise an animal just for the hide of it, especially big animals like cows and pigs. [Read more…]

Buffalo hide vs cowhide leather jackets

Buffalo hide vs cowhide leather jackets, is buffalo stronger than cowhide?

HI everyone, hope you all are doing fine. Is buffalo hide or leather stronger than cowhide leather jackets? Is buffalo hide thicker than cowhide? Is buffalo hide stiffer than cowhide leather jackets? A few weeks ago I made a post about pigskin vs cowhide leather jackets, as I saw a lot of people type that in when they found my site here.

About the same number of people also type in some version of buffalo hide vs cowhide leather jackets. So, I thought I would clear that up here as well. Now, most people think of buffalo as a strong animal, stronger than a cow, which is true. So they assume that buffalo hide is much stronger than a cowhide. That is not really true, at least as far as the leather that is made from each one goes.

In it’s natural state, a raw buffalo leather hide is thicker than a cowhide. Not by much, but a little. However when they make a leather jacket or any other leather item from the hide, they split it. A full hide is way too thick to be used for a leather jacket or most other leather apparel. They do use a full hide on items like saddles, some boots and stuff like that, but not leather jackets and apparel. [Read more…]

Pigskin vs cowhide leather jackets

Cowhide vs pigskin leather motorcycle jacketsCowhide vs pigskin leather motorcycle jackets

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good fourth of July weekend. Mine was peaceful,,, another words, boring, haha. Well, I have been noticing on some key words that people type in that a lot of you really want to know just how pigskin leather jackets compare to cowhide leather jackets.

Is pigskin as strong as cowhide? Is pigskin or cowhide tougher? Is cowhide or pigskin thicker or softer? Do pigskin hides have different markings on them than cowhide? Which one is cheaper in price, and which one is just plain cheap? Well let me try to explain all that so you know once and for all!

First, the three most common types of leather animal hides for leather jackets are cowhide, buffalo hide, and pigskin. These three are the most common for tuff motorcycle leather jackets. Leather jackets are also made from goats, sheep and lambs, but they should only be used in fashion or dress leather jackets.
[Read more…]

Naked leather and aniline

how to color leather

Well in this post I’m going to tell about the last step leather takes. First we picked what animal we want the leather from. Then we picked how we want the leather split and how much if any we want the leather smoothed. Now we need to color and treat the leather.

Just like in the first steps different treatments can be good or bad. I’ve seen some really bad leather jackets where the first time it got rained on all the brown color washed out like water paint! The treatment and tanning process is actually a lengthy process. I’m not going to get into all the steps, only the basic ones you should know.

How a hide is colored and treated will determent how good the coloring holds up, and what the leather is called. You want to know what the difference is between a naked leather jacket and a vegetable dye leather jacket. There are lots of sales pitch terms also, like “super dyed”, “fully treated” and so on. Let’s take a look at the common types. [Read more…]

Leather made from different animals

Leather from different animals

So your ready to get a quality, genuine leather jacket, fine. What type of leather are you going to get? Huh, I thought leather was, uh, leather, right? Wrong! The reason you see so many different prices for leather jackets is because of the different types of leather that they use to make them. There are 3 basic differences to leather.

One is how it’s tanned and treated. There are several different ways they do that, all of them having strong and weak points. Two is what part of the animal did the leather come from, and has it been split, sanded or stitched together. But before all that comes the most basic step, what animal did the leather come from.

Any hide of an animal can be called leather. You can take the feathers off of a chicken, tan the hide and call it genuine leather. But do you want a leather jacket made from chickens? No, I did not think so! Here I will discuss the most common types of animals used for good quality leather jackets and other leather products. [Read more…]