Ladies warm leather jackets for cold weather

warm ladies leather jacketsladies leather jacket

Sorry I have not been keeping up on the post, been real busy! I have not added much to my store section, but I’m working on it. One of the things I’m going to add is Ladies warm fashion leather jackets like in the picture above. Some people are confused as to if leather jackets are really warm. Leather makes a great windbreaker, which accounts for a lot of cold.

So once you combine a good liner with a good leather jacket you end up with a very warm jacket. If it’s a sheepskin shearling leather jacket it’s one of the warmest jackets you can own. But you don’t even need a liner that thick. A thinsulate zip out liner like the ones in the leather jackets in my store keep you nice and warm in cold weather.

Now, I don’t mean minus 10 degrees temperatures! For that then your best bet is a down parka or shearling coat. But for most normal cold weather of 10 degrees above and higher a leather jacket or coat with a thinsulate liner will be plenty warm. With a zip out liner that same leather jacket will be able to be worn in warmer weather too.

I will be carrying about 8 or so ladies warm fashion leather jackets. Some have faux fur liners and collars. Some have just the thinsulate liner. All are very warm and toasty, two even have hoods that are hidden when not in use. So you get a warm jacket with good leather fashion looks. Look for them in the store in about a week!

A sneak peek at my leather jacket store

motorcycle leather jackets

Hope everyone is have a great weekend. Today I am going up to Stowe here in Vermont and hike up the tallest mountain to take some pictures of the fall leaves. They also have some fall festival going on with locally made beer! So it should be fun, a lot more fun than the past few weeks of work has been, that’s for sure. I have been working hard on getting the leather store done in this site.

Frankly, it’s been a real pain in the ass! I know all about the technical stuff, that’s not the hard part. It’s just that I’m putting the store right into this blog software, called wordpress. Most use a shopping cart program. But I believe the search engine optimization will be much better with all the words written right into the blog software. Each item will have it’s own permalink and so on.

Plus I’m using paypal as my merchant account, so I just don’t need any fancy shopping cart software. But that means I’m doing everything manually, and so it’s taking a long time. However I do have both the men’s and woman’s motorcycle leather jacket pages done, at least enough to give you a sneak peek. I will add lots more jackets, but it’s enough to get started. [Read more…]