Leather braided bracelets and leather accessories by John

Braided leather bracelets

Braided leather bracelets

With all this talk about leather items for Christmas, it would not be complete without some leather jewelry, bracelets and accessories. So I thought I’d write a little about a nice leather bracelet and accessory website called Leather Braiding by John. He lives in Spokane, WA and also has several guest leather artist that sell their items on his site.

Braided leather bracelets

Braided leather bracelets

John makes beautiful braided leather bracelets of all kinds. He makes his leather bracelets from four strands all the way up to twelve strand. He finishes them off with glass beads, silver, herringbone and more. You can also find key fobs, dog items, key chains, purses, coin pouches and lots of other items here, all made out of leather.

Christmas is the perfect time to buy your girl a nice leather bracelet or purse. Or if your a woman you can find great mens leather bracelets in here too. The leather belt buckles and other leather accessories are all great also. Plus everything is made from high quality leather, not the cheap stuff. So check out Leather Braiding by John for some great leather jewelry and bracelets.

leather purse

Ladiesleather purse

Leather motorcycle accessories

leather fringe motorcycle handle bar coversleather motorcycle cup holderleather motorcycle tank cover
Hi everyone, hope the weekend is going well. Today you can find a lot of different leather motorcycle accessories for your bike. None of it is stuff you really need, but it adds a nice touch to your bike if you like a lot of leather trim on it. Now of course you have your leather seat, leather saddlebags and those other leather tool bags and stuff.

But there’s a lot of little things you can add to your bike made of leather too. One of the most common are the leather cup holders. They can come in lots of different designs, with leather fringe, studs and so on. Most have a hole in the bottom to attach to a part of your bike, or straps to go around any bar or something to attach to.

Then you have the motorcycle handlebar leather covers. Often they are made with long fringes hanging down, however many just are sleeves that cover the handlebar. They are mostly for looks, but they also feel nice in your hands.

They also make brake and clutch leather covers, with or without fringes. They can be colored or black. You can even find leather mud flap covers. They also have lots of different motorcycle leather tank covers. So if you look around you can outfit your motorcycle with a whole lot of leather accessories. I’ll be carrying those in my store, as soon as I get the time to add them!