What Are The Advantages of Wearing Leather?

Leather apparel

What Are The Advantages of Wearing Leather?

Bikers are traditionally associated with wearing black leather jackets and sunglasses. Not only are they stylish and sleek but they actually act as a second skin, providing an extra layer of protection. Not all protective gear is as fashionable as this and as a fellow biker you are sure to own at least one leather jacket. But what other advantages are there to owning a leather jacket?

Leather jackets are easy to find

The great thing about leather jackets is that your size is not likely to vary from store to store, unlike other garments. This means that you don’t have to go to your local store and try on a jacket – you can simply order a jacket off a website like ours from the comfort of your own home. This means you don’t have to interrupt your game of FoxyBingo or waste gas driving to the store because you can be confident the jacket you’ve chosen is going to fit.
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Fall, time for leather jackets and coats!

Fall, time to get out your leather jackets!

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been a while since I made a new post, busy busy ya know! Now that Labor day weekend has gone that means lots of the country is getting ready for fall and winter.

That means getting out your leather jackets and coats. This is a good time to take a look at them and see if any damage has been done to the leather while in storage.

Do you see any green gunk around the zippers or hardware? If so that might be a sign of leather mildew. If you wipe it off and the leather looks okay then your fine.
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New look, new leather apparel

New western style leather apparel coming soon!

Hi everyone! If your a regular reader of my site you must have noticed the new look I made for this site a day ago. I’ve been meaning to make this place look better for a long time and I finally got around to it.

I think it looks better, don’t you? One of the reasons why I wanted to change it is because I am finally going to add lots more leather products in here. I know I know, I’ve said that for months. 😀

But now that I’ve changed it so I can add lots more to it I’m going to quickly add the other leather apparel. Some of which will be leather vest, pants, gloves, leather jewelry, saddle bags and lots more.
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What’s going on with Bill at Leather Supreme!

Making Vermont maple syrup

Hi everyone, It’s been a while since I added a new post here so I thought I’d let you know what the heck is going on! I have a good friend up in Vermont that makes maple syrup.

So I took a short vacation up there a few weeks ago to take pictures and videos of his operation. I made him a website so he can sell his syrup on it. You can see the picture gallery I made for him on it there.

It was still cold with plenty of snow up there even though it’s hot down here in Florida already. But it was nice to see him and my family again, I try to get up there two or three times a year.
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Please check out my Orlando tourist website

My Orlando website
Click here to see my tourist site!

Hi everyone. For those who have read my site for a while you may have read I run an Orlando, Fl. area tourist website besides this one. That’s one of the reasons why I never have enough time to add more leather jackets on here!

I found a fantastic looking website style for it, and I just got done tweaking it the way I want it. I’m going to use this same theme look on my leather apparel site here.

It has two top drop down menu’s, which will come in handy when I add more categories on here. The sidebars are wider and it has a nice blue color. I also can add products to the front page real quick for sales and stuff.

So if your interested in a Disney vacation, or planning on going to Orlando, maybe for bike week, take a peek at my site above and let me know what you think about the looks of it.

I hope to use that theme style on here very soon,,,, which for me means in a month or two! 😀

Updated my leather jacket sizes chart

leather jacket sizes chart

I enjoy selling my leather jackets and apparel. It’s nice to get an email from a customer telling me how much they like their new jacket. The one thing that frustrates both me and the customer is when they get the wrong size.

In almost every case it’s a size or two too small. I noticed that often that happens with leather jackets that come in letter sizes. I assume they just pick what letter size they normally wear with other types of jackets.

But because leather jackets are made smaller than normal they often get one too small. So I updated my leather jacket sizes chart so it’s a bit easier to understand with the letter sizes.
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New colored leather jackets and vest, would you buy them?

colored leather jacketscolored leather jacketscolored leather jackets

colored leather jacketscolored leather jacketscolored leather jackets

Now that the new year is here I’m making plans to build up my little leather apparel site here with more items. One thing I’ve been asked a lot is if I will carry different colors of leather jackets.

Well yes, I can carry all the different ones you see here, plus lots more. However before I do that I’d like to know if anyone will actually buy them! I do plan on making a full leather vest category as well as leather chaps and pants.

I also can start carrying leather saddlebags, toolbags and so on. But I’d really like to know what you all think of these colored and stylish leather jackets here in this post.
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Happy New Year from Leather Supreme!

Happy New Year from Leather Supreme!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! I hope your holiday season has been good and you got what you wanted. I know 2010 was not a good year for many.

In fact for a lot of folks it was the worst year yet, what with homes being foreclosed on and the job situation still bad. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to see what 2011 will bring.

As for myself, I’m not doing too bad. I run around two dozen websites and work from home which I love. I’ve been doing that for around 4 years now and would not want to do anything else.
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Leather jacket shipping to Canada added

Leather jacket shipping in Canada

Good news for my Canadian friends! I now have added shipping to Canada in my store. So now anyone in Canada can order my leather jackets. The USA and Canada are the only countries I currently ship to.

After some thought I made the shipping cost to Canada a flat fee for any order. All my items are leather jackets, so it cost about the same for each item. I’m charging $28.00 shipping to Canada per order.

That’s actually a bit less than what it actually cost me. That also is per order, no matter how many items you buy. So if you buy 5 leather jackets to Canada, it still cost only $28.00.

Shipping inside the USA is still free. I use U.S. Postal Global Express Mail (EMS) for all Canada orders. It’s pretty fast and is the most cost effective way to ship outside the USA.

So if you live in Canada and always wanted to buy one of my leather jackets, now you can! I’ll be adding more too, so check them out and find one you like,,, or two or three! 🙂

New men’s leather coats, shirts and fashion jackets

mens leather blazermens leather trench coatmens leather coatmens leather shirt

Click here to see all the new items, or each picture above for that specific item

Well everyone, I finally added some more men’s leather jackets, coats and shirts. Up to now all I had was motorcycle jackets for men.

But now I have some nice men’s leather bomber jackets, leather fashion jackets, leather coats, leather shirts and even a nice denim shirt.

I even have a leather shirt that looks just like blue denim, which I already carry in a womens style. I have 3 different leather shirts, in snap button and regular button styles.
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New apprciation for leather jackets for warmth

Leather jackets for warmth

Well everyone I’m in Vermont taking my vacation. At the last minute I decided not to bring my leather jacket, thinking it would be hot and I’d never use it. Boy was I wrong!

Having lived in Florida so long I sometimes forget just how nice a warm leather jacket is to keep you toasty. Now those thin fashion leather jackets don’t, those are cold.

But a quality leather jacket with a thinsulate liner inside really does a good job at keeping you warm. The leather makes a fantastic wind breaker, keeping out the wind.
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Lambskin, sheepskin and goatskin leather fashion jackets

mens fashion leather jacketsladies fashion leather jackets

With the Christmas shopping season here many will be out buying a nice looking leather fashion jacket for their lady or man. I often talk about how cowhide and buffalo hide are best for leather motorcycle jackets. That’s true, but not when it comes to fashion leather jackets.

Getting a leather jacket or coat you just want to look good in is much different than getting a motorcycle leather jacket. You don’t care about it protecting you from road rash if you fall off your bike. You want a jacket that looks sharp, feels good and is soft.

So in that case you’ll be more happier with a leather jacket or coat made out of lambskin, sheepskin or goatskin. All of those have more of a fine leather grain that makes them look smoother and polished. It also makes the leather softer as the leather grain is not as thick and rough.

Out of all of them lambskin is the softest, if all have been processed the same way. It’s also the weakest leather. But if the leather jacket is just for showing off and making the chicks at the bar run their hands over it, it’s fine! Sheepskin and goatskin are stronger and about the same in strength.

Now cowhide and pigskin are still great for fashion leather jackets too. They split the hide thinner for those types of jackets and coats. So they also can be very soft and look great. I’m just letting you know that lambskin, sheepskin and goatskin are fine for fashion leather jackets. Happy shopping!