Leather roses for Valentines day!

leather roses for bikers

Valentines day will be here soon. The perfect gift for the biker babe, or any girl who wants something different, is leather roses! At Just Leather Roses you can buy a dozen red leather roses, or other colors and amounts.

They come in a clear case just like a normal dozen red roses would. Or you can buy a variety of beautiful wooden vases to put your leather roses in. You can get a single leather rose all the way up to a dozen.

You also can find black leather roses and a special biker dozen of black and orange leather roses. They even take special request if you want a mix of colors for your leather roses.

So this year give your sweetie something that will last more than a few days, give her beautiful leather roses! They will last a lifetime and be something she can remember. šŸ˜‰

Leather roses, biker black leather rose gifts

leather roses for bikers

Today I’d like to tell you all about a great place to buy leather roses. I’ve added a few sponsors to my site here, good ones that carry quality leather items. One of them is a place called Just Paper Roses.

Despite the name they actually carry great real leather roses as well as several other types of roses, including paper roses. Their leather roses come in different colors, including black rose leather.
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Give leather roses for Christmas!

Pretty leather roses make great gifts

Are you looking for a special gift made of real leather? Surprise your sweetheart offering her a bouquet of leather roses. There is nothing as charming as a bouquet of handcrafted leather roses. This gift is simply perfect and suitable for a various events like Valentineā€™s Day, Motherā€™s Day, wedding favors, third year anniversaries and birthdays, even Christmas.

Roses are beautiful and signify love. Leather roses come in a wide range of colors including royal blue, red, white, yellow, black, purple, lavender and more. What makes these flowers so unique is that they smell like real roses, but last forever. Unlike the roses that can be found in gardens, leather roses will not swivel up and die in a few days.

But where can you find such a beautiful gift? Although there are many offers available on the web, these unique leather flowers delicate to the eye and rich in color can be found in one place. Leatherrosesbyrose.com offers more than leather roses. This store also features barbed wire ā€œkinkyā€ roses, and floral bouquets made from 100% genuine leather.

Pretty leather roses make great gifts

Don’t be afraid that you have to spend a fortune on this perfect gift. In fact, leather roses are less expensive than real roses. And if you order from Leatherrosesbyrose.com, your gift will arrive in an elegant long stem white rose box along with a message card. You can even buy some Gothic handmade black leather rose, which are the best gift for a daring, passionate woman.

These beautiful handmade objects bear the stamp of true craftsmanship. The leather bouquets offered by Leatherrosesbyrose.com are an artistic creation that could last a lifetime. Feel free to use your imagination and create stunning bouquets of leather roses inspired by your deepest feelings. Your loves ones will never forget such a gift because it will always be there to remind them of you.

Written by guest author Andra Picincu, who writes for several ezines and websites. Go to Associated Content to see more of this author’s work.

Leather roses of all colors made for any occasion

leather rosesleather rosesleather roses

Pictures above from English Leather Rose website click here

I hope everyone had a nice Valentines day. Right after that day I thought about how you can buy leather roses and so I thought I’d make a post about that. I wish I had thought about it before Valentines Day! But hey, you can buy your sweetie leather roses anytime of the year. Now not all leather roses are made the same.

Making a leather rose is an art and is pretty much all hand made. Some can be crude, just loops of colored leather made into a strange looking rose. While others are done in a very beautiful way that really looks like a rose. The ones in the pictures here all are from a shop in the UK called English Leather Rose.

There are many here in the USA too, I just used English Leather Rose shop because I really like how they make their leather roses. Now I myself admit I don’t really know just what type of leather they use for leather roses. The leather looks thin, so I would say it’s lambskin or goatskin. However it could be cowhide split very thin. [Read more…]