New men’s leather coats, shirts and fashion jackets

mens leather blazermens leather trench coatmens leather coatmens leather shirt

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Well everyone, I finally added some more men’s leather jackets, coats and shirts. Up to now all I had was motorcycle jackets for men.

But now I have some nice men’s leather bomber jackets, leather fashion jackets, leather coats, leather shirts and even a nice denim shirt.

I even have a leather shirt that looks just like blue denim, which I already carry in a womens style. I have 3 different leather shirts, in snap button and regular button styles.
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Womens leather trench coat, quality womens trenchcoat

womens trenchcoat

Womens leather trench coat

Now that I’ve added some nice new womens items I’ll talk about them, starting with the Womens leather trench coat. Some spell that womens trench coats, others use womens trenchcoat. Same thing.

This womens leather trench coat is a real beauty, made of very soft top grade leather. It’s treated to be buttery soft and smooth, yet it’s still thick enough to wear well and be tough.

It’s also a very smart and professional looking womens trenchcoat, with a large styled collar that really looks good. In bad weather you can stand it up and it will cover your face. Great for lady detective work! 😉
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Obama should have worn a leather coat

mens leather jacket

I just wanted to make a quick post today. Talking about the new president is a bit off topic, but hey, it’s a big deal so why not. Besides, it’s my site! The weather at the inaugural was a bit cold, so he had on a long coat of some type. It looked good, but I think a long leather coat or trench coat would have looked cool with him wearing it!

It would have really cut that wind that was blowing too. So Obama is our 44th president now, and the first ever black president. Actually he has a bit of a few races in him, biracial. Love him or hate him, he’s it for another 4 years. I myself like how he keeps a calm, steady demeanor about him. He does not seem to get rattled up too easy. [Read more…]