Labor Day weekend motorcycle events

labor day weekend motorcycle events

Well everyone, the summer is winding down. This weekend is Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer. Down here in Florida the good weather is just beginning! But for those up north the cold weather will soon be here. Although biking in the fall is nice up there, looking at all the fall leaves and colors. I’m going up to my home state of Vermont in October for a few weeks myself.

There’s lots of motorcycle rides and events going on throughout the country on Labor Day weekend. So many I’m not going to try to list any here. However there is a website that has a motorcycle calendar of events. It list what seems to be every biker ride and event going on all year! There’s lots in there for Labor Day weekend too.

The website is called Motorcycle Events, and it has lots of great links to anything and everything about motorcycles. So if you want to check and see what might be going on in your neck of the woods for Labor Day weekend, check out the link above. Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone, and PLEASE ride safe! 😉

Motorcycle sales down in recession?

motorcycle sales

I was reading the news the other day and found some stats that was surprising to me. Now that times are hard and people are trying to save money, I thought motorcycle sales would be great. After all, motorcycles are very good on gas, you can buy used ones for only a few thousand and in Florida you don’t even need any insurance! (although that’s not a good idea).

But it turns out that motorcycle dealers are really getting hit hard and are even going out of biz. Why? Well for the most part it’s because of the clamp down on credit. Getting a house, then getting a car are considered basic “needs” and you can get credit easier for those. But a motorcycle is looked at as a toy you don’t need.

So the credit companies are making it really hard to finance one. Even people with great credit are finding out they can’t get a loan for a motorcycle. Getting a Harley is easier because they have their own financing and they are not being as hard as the others. So, if your thinking of getting a motorcycle right now, save up your money!

Try to have as much down as you can so it’s easier to get credit. Go with a Harley if you like them, as it’s easier to get financing with them. If you have bad credit, forget about it. You can always get a used one for a few thousand if your not picky. Good luck!

Winter blues? Ride your motorcycle now in Florida!

Ride your motorcycle in Florida

For many motorcycle enthusiast, winter means that biking season is over. You put your Harley in storage, pack your leather motorcycle jacket and gear away and wait until spring. I know many friends who do that, as I use to live in Vermont. Hell, I bet there was only a month’s time in the whole year I could ride my hog without being cold.

It seems to me like such a waste. You pay so much for a motorcycle, put all that care, attention and money into it, just to only ride it a few months out of the year. But for those who live in the south, especially in Florida, the winter months are actually the best time of all to go cruising! Summer in Orlando for a biker is hot, damn hot! [Read more…]

Back in Florida, ready to ride my Harley!

Harley Davidson motorcycles

Well I just got back to Florida after spending 2 months in Vermont. I had a good time up there. The fall foliage was great, the colors were very nice and bright. My mom was very happy to have me up there that long. Working on your laptop sure has it’s rewards, you can go anywhere and still be at work! I’ll try to post some more pictures I took up there.

But the last few days were damn cold, we even had snow! I hate the cold, which is why I moved to Florida. So I flew back on the first of the month and have been busy getting everything back in order with my life. It’s perfect right now down here, not too hot and not too cold. Fall is actually the best time for anyone to take a vacation down here.

I look forward to getting my Harley out and going for a nice long cruise. No, that’s not mine in the picture, I’ll post one of mine soon, it looks the same as that one, a nice touring bike. Winter is great down here for wearing your leather motorcycle jacket and going for a ride. Summer is just a bit too hot for leather jackets down here.

So anyways I’ll try to post more now that I’m back. Yes, I have to fill up my store area with a lot more stuff, I guess I’m going to miss the Holiday rush, I just can’t get it all together in time. But next year I’ll have my leather store much bigger. So look for more post in here, and more items added to the store. It’s good to be back!

Racer or scooter leather jackets

difference between scooter or racer leather jackets and motorcycle jackets

So just what is the difference between a motorcycle jacket and a scooter or racer style leather jacket? They both cost about the same, so that’s not it! They both are made for riding a motorcycle, and they both are made to protect you from the road and elements. I already made a post describing how a motorcycle leather jacket is designed and why they are shaped the way they are.

So if you want to read that one, click here for how a motorcycle leather jacket is designed. Now the scooter or racer style leather jacket is the same. Some call them a scooter jacket, mostly in the UK. The people in the USA often call them a racer jacket. The main reason for the difference in style is the type of motorcycle being rode and the type of person that rides those bikes!

Picture a big Harley cruiser bike. Normally you think of an older rider, maybe in his forties and up, sitting straight up or slightly back and enjoying the ride wearing his big motorcycle jacket. Now think of a younger hotshot riding his Nina performance bike. He’s leaned way forward, moving his body a lot as he zips around traffic and showing off. Two very different types of riders, and two different types of bikes. [Read more…]

Cool & crazy motorcycles pictures

motorcycle lawn mower

What’s going on everyone! I’ve got another one of those crazy days, so I thought I’d just share some cool and crazy motorcycle pictures with you. After all a lot of leather jackets and other items I talk about here are motorcycle related. I got these from several websites, hope nobody minds.

The top one is a lawn mower that someone converted into a riding motorcycle mower! Damn that guy really knows how to have fun even when working huh! That takes some skill to do that, looks like it works great.

motorcycle alien

This next one is a real crazy one, looks like one of those big bugs from Alien! Once again you have to admire the skill and work it took to make that baby. I bet that gets a lot of heads turning.

one wheel motorcycle

The next two are those new one wheel motorcycles, if you can call them that. They look cool, but I’m not sure I’d want one. I’ll have to find out more about them. Are they really for the road, or are they a racing motorcycle? Or maybe just a prototype? Anyway I think I’ll stick to my Harley, thanks.

motorcycle alien

Well I hope you enjoyed the little break and liked looking at the motorcycles. I’ll have a more meatier post next time about leather jackets or something. If you ever have a question about leather, let me know and I’ll reply or even make a post about it!

Leather motorcycle chaps

leather motorcycle chaps

Wow, it’s going to be a hot day here In Orlando, Fl. today! How’s everyone doing? Today I thought I’d take a stab at leather motorcycle chaps. Now the basic question is, why would you want to get a pair, and what do they do? Well, leather motorcycle chaps are mainly used for a protective covering for your legs.

leather motorcycle chapsWhen your cruising down the road on a motorcycle you get all kinds of bugs, road dirt and other crap smashing into your legs. Leather chaps take the force of all that and keep it off your pants your wearing under them. Also, if you ever take a tumble the leather chaps can stop you from peeling off a lot of your skin while you slide down that pavement!

There also are cowboy chaps. Those are leather or other fabric chaps that cowboys use when riding a horse or in a rodeo riding a bull. The reason is basically the same, to protect your pants and your skin. Western chaps can have a lot of fancy decorations on them. Brown leather chaps are most common for western leather chaps.

leather chapsThis is a ladies leather chaps with some beads and bone pattern on it. Like most leather wear the ladies leather chaps often come in more colors and designs than mens. Most men just want a good quality leather motorcycle chaps that can protect them. So just what should you look for when buying leather chaps?

Well lets start with the leather. Since they are worn for protection, you want the same type of quality leather you look for in a leather motorcycle jacket. Top full grain naked leather is the best. Click HERE for all about leather grades. [Read more…]

Leather motorcycle saddle bags & more

leather motorcycle saddle bags

I hope everyone is having a good Memorial day weekend, grilling and chilling. Just don’t forget what it’s all about, the Veteran’s that make it possible for you to do whatever you want to do here freely. Well I’ve talked a lot about how leather is made and leather jackets, so today I’ll talk a bit about leather bags that are made for your motorcycle.

Now then, motorcycles don’t have much in the way of built in storage space, so there has been a lot of different types of bags that you can strap on, bolt on, tie on, throw on or however else you can manage to keep a bag or pocket on your bike. There are basically 5 different types of standard bags that fit on different parts of a motorcycle.

These are leather motorcycle saddle bags, motorcycle tool bags, leather sissy bar bags, windshield bags and leather motorcycle luggage or travel bags. Now they come in lots of different sizes and shapes, so you need to really measure your bike and pick what ones fit the best. Some places have bags made for different brands of motorcycles, but most are a “one size fits all” deal. [Read more…]