Pictures from this years 2009 Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

Well the 2009 annual Biketoberfest at Daytona Beach is under way for 2009! I already made a post about it which you can red here for more information: 2009 biketoberfest. The weather is fantastic for it this year, if maybe a bit too hot. It should be a little cloudy this weekend but that will keep it cooler.

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

I thought I’d share some pictures that were just taken from it. These are NOT my pictures, they are from an article from the local newspaper with lots more pictures to see from The Orlando Sentinel here. As you can see, the ones I like the most are the hot babes and custom bikes!

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

You always see some crazy custom bikes, as well as very beautiful ones with fantastic paint jobs.  I really like the one shaped as a burger! So anyway enjoy the pictures and click that link above for lots more of them. I’ll try to get out there and take my own soon!

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

Daytona Beach biketoberfest pictures 2009

2009 Daytona Beach & Orlando Biketoberfest

Daytona Beach and Orlando 2009 Biketoberfest

Since I live in Orlando, Fl. I thought I’d mention the upcoming Daytona Beach and Orlando Biketoberfest for 2009. Actually the whole state seems to celebrate it now as a way to make some money off it! But most people associate it with Daytona Beach because of bike week. They have lots going on this year at Biketoberfest, and Orlando always sees some of the action as it’s only 60 miles away.

The 2009 Biketoberfest runs from October 15th to the 18th. The weather at that time should be perfect, if not a little hot for some up north. Temperatures should be around the 80’s at high noon and nights around the high 60’s to low 70’s. Perfect for me! The afternoon rains should be stopped by then, with maybe a few showers every other day or so but only for an hour or so.

There seems to be a lot planned for this year, at least that’s what I read in the official Biketoberfest website, click the link to check it out. All the normal shops and bars along main st. will be open of course, with all the biker booths that spring up overnight for events.

All the Harley motorcycle shops will have extra things going on; there’s a huge one in Orlando if you stay here. With hotels seeing a drop in occupancies this year you should have no trouble getting a room. Some stay in Orlando, others in Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas. If your looking for a good hotel rate, check out my sister site, Orlando Inside!

I’ve got lots of tips and so on in there, plus the hotels in the sidebars are always giving good deals on rates. So come on down to the Daytona Beach and Orlando Biketoberfest and have fun, maybe you’ll see me there with my camera taking shots of the babes! 😉

Motorcycle sales down in recession?

motorcycle sales

I was reading the news the other day and found some stats that was surprising to me. Now that times are hard and people are trying to save money, I thought motorcycle sales would be great. After all, motorcycles are very good on gas, you can buy used ones for only a few thousand and in Florida you don’t even need any insurance! (although that’s not a good idea).

But it turns out that motorcycle dealers are really getting hit hard and are even going out of biz. Why? Well for the most part it’s because of the clamp down on credit. Getting a house, then getting a car are considered basic “needs” and you can get credit easier for those. But a motorcycle is looked at as a toy you don’t need.

So the credit companies are making it really hard to finance one. Even people with great credit are finding out they can’t get a loan for a motorcycle. Getting a Harley is easier because they have their own financing and they are not being as hard as the others. So, if your thinking of getting a motorcycle right now, save up your money!

Try to have as much down as you can so it’s easier to get credit. Go with a Harley if you like them, as it’s easier to get financing with them. If you have bad credit, forget about it. You can always get a used one for a few thousand if your not picky. Good luck!

Daytona Beach bike week 2009

bike week in daytona beach

Well everyone, in about one more week Daytona Beach will host bike week 2009. I live in Orlando, which is about 60 miles away from Daytona. I think last year there was over 600,000 bikers there. This year it’s hard to say how many will be there the way the economy is. It might be a little less busy, but not by much.

I think bikers who really like bike week in Daytona will find the money to go. I’ve been there a few times myself. So just what kind of bikes and bikers can you find there? Every kind you can think of. It’s not just die hard bikers that live on the road, although there will be plenty of them. You also get the more family type of biker.

There will be plenty of $70,000 touring motorcycles with sidecars with mom and the kid. Doctors, office guys and so on will be there with their bikes. Many make it a family event. There are plenty of things to see for the whole family. Of course there’s just as many events you want to go by yourself, like the ladies oil wrestling and wet t shirt contest! 😉
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