Ladies leather pink halter top youtube video

Sorry I’m not coming up with better leather post, I’ve just been real busy. This is another youtube video I made with my friend. She’s modeling a cute pink leather halter top. I can see I’ve got to do a lot of work getting my videos better!

I need to get closer, too much background in the videos. Also I want to take some outside, the light is much better out there and they would come out better. Plus the background would look better, unless I do them in a wal-mart parking lot!

But my friend is cute, so I’m sure you don’t mind looking at her in this video. I’ll try to post a really good article about leather soon. Meantime enjoy this ladies pink leather halter top youtube video. 😉

My first leather apparel youtube videos

My my have I been busy! Last weekend I finally got together with my friend and made about 6 videos with her modeling the leather apparel. I’m disappointed in how they came out. I thought I had enough light, but these had to be brightened up in the editor.

As a result they are washed out and don’t show the detail I wanted. I also still have not figured out how to add songs to the video. So they don’t have any sound, except for cars going by outside!
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Bike week Daytona Beach 2009 youtube video

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Hey everyone! I’ve been really busy the past few days. I finally got myself a camcorder and also my own youtube channel. So now I’m all set to take lots of good videos of this years bike week!

I also run an Orlando tourist site, so my youtube channel has both biker and theme park videos, or at least will have. Right now I just have a few picture slide show videos in there.

But soon I’ll be taking a lot of videos of leather jacket stuff, bikers and Orlando tourist information. So check out my youtube video channel and send me a friend request. Then you can see all the new videos when I add them.

The one above is the pictures I have in my gallery, I just made a slide show video out of it. Maybe I’ll put on some of the leather jackets and make short videos of them so you can see better how they look and what they have.

Of course what I really want to do is get a hot babe to pose for videos of leather skirts and tops, lol! I’ll let you know if I have any luck making those. So anyway look for some bike week videos here soon, and join my youtube video channel to see all my videos! 🙂

Making a leather motorcycle tool bag youtube video

It’s been a while since I had a leather youtube video on here, so I got this great one. This guy makes all kinds of leather motorcycle saddlebags, tool bags and many others. In this cool youtube video he shows how to make a leather motorcycle tool bag from start to finish.

He shows every step, from cutting the raw flat leather to putting the many finishes and dyes on the leather. All the way up to the final finished leather motorcycle tool bag. It’s pretty nice to see all the steps and you’ll be surprised at how he does some of the things he does.

This leather youtube video is almost 10 minutes long, so give yourself some time to watch it. It’s always nice to see real hand made leather items how how they make them. So enjoy this youtube leather motorcycle tool bag video!

Youtube video of celebrity babes wearing leather, even Britney Spears

Well every once in a while I like to show a cool youtube video of leather. Sometimes it’s one about how they make leather, or how they carve designs in leather. Today I thought I’d just have some fun and show a youtube video of hot celebrity babes in all kinds of leather. Leather jackets, leather skirts, leather shirts and lots more.

In fact it’s really interesting to see all the different types and colors of leather apparel these sexy celebrities wear. Just about every major celebrity girl seems to be in here, from Angela Jolie to Britney Spears. So kick back and have some fun by watching this youtube video of hot celebrities in sexy leather clothing. 😉

Youtube video of girls in leather dresses

It’s been some time since I posted a youtube video of anything leather on here. So here’s one with some sexy girls modeling leather skirts and dresses. I’ll have to make a post sometime about how to pick a quality leather dress. You don’t find leather dresses too often, they are not as common as leather skirts and pants. The girls do a good job showing off the leather wear.

Leather dresses come in many different styles, shapes and colors. Most have zipper openings in the back but not all. As with all items leather you need to get the right size for a leather dress to look good on you. A little too big and they make you look dumpy, and no girl wants that! So check out this youtube video of girls in leather dresses.

Leather crafting a design youtube video

Hi everyone, the weather is getting warmer, at least down here in Florida. It will not be long before it’s hot all the time here in Orlando. My last post was about leather jewelry, so today I thought I’d make a youtube video post on leather crafting. That is, making designs and very detailed pictures in leather.

It’s amazing just how detailed you can get a design in leather. Now this video makes it all look real easy, but it’s not! It takes years and years of practice to get as good as this guy is in this video. I myself can’t make a design in leather to save my life. I’ve airbrushed designs on leather, but using stencils.

As this guy shows, it takes a lot of special leather crafting tools to make any good design. The tools need to be in good shape and really sharp. But once you know what your doing and have all the right leather crafting tools you can make just about any design you can think of in leather.

Once the design has been cut into the leather, you want to treat it with conditioner, then a sealer over it. Just like all the rest of your leather items. So if you ever wanted to make some designs in leather this video is a good start to watch. Enjoy this leather crafting youtube video!

Another cool leather tanning youtube video

A few post ago I showed a youtube video of inside a leather tanning plant. I found another one that shows a little bit more about just what goes on in these places. Not every leather tanning place does things exactly the same. The basics are the same, but some places do the steps different, and use different machines.

This one shows a bit more hands on approach to the whole leather tanning process. As you can see, it’s a very physical and demanding job. I’m sure the smell of all those tanning chemicals must be pretty strong too. So take a look at this long leather tanning you tube video and see just a little bit more how the whole leather tanning process works!

Leather tanning process youtube video

HI everyone, once again I have been a bit behind on my post, sorry! This Friday I’m going to Universal Studios down here in Orlando. Should be a cool day, and the crowds right now are light. Anyway, I have a really neat youtube video on leather tanning.

Normally I post a youtube video just to fill in for when I have nothing to say!But this one is a really good one that is very informative. It shows the inside working of a very large leather tanning factory. Have you ever wondered just what the hell that machine looks like that splits leather hides in two?
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Youtube video of leather shirt and long skirt

I bet everyone is getting tired of all that leftover turkey and candy now huh! I wanted to just make a short quick post today, so I thought I’d show two youtube videos of a sexy model showing off a leather shirt and leather skirt. It’s hard for a lot of people to picture just how a leather shirt would look on them, same as a long leather skirt.

So these two youtube leather shirt and leather skirt videos shows just how good looking and form fitting they can be. The leather is a bit shiny in this one. Most leather shirts are not quite that shiny, more like how the leather skirt looks. Anyway it’s nice to see a chick in leather, so how can you go wrong to watch these, right? Enjoy the youtube leather shirt and skirt videos!