Womens leather trench coat, quality womens trenchcoat

womens trenchcoat

Womens leather trench coat

Now that I’ve added some nice new womens items I’ll talk about them, starting with the Womens leather trench coat. Some spell that womens trench coats, others use womens trenchcoat. Same thing.

This womens leather trench coat is a real beauty, made of very soft top grade leather. It’s treated to be buttery soft and smooth, yet it’s still thick enough to wear well and be tough.

It’s also a very smart and professional looking womens trenchcoat, with a large styled collar that really looks good. In bad weather you can stand it up and it will cover your face. Great for lady detective work! 😉

The front of this womens leather trench coat closes with 4 sets of big double buttons. One side overlaps the other to act as a good windbreaker. Because the buttons are large it is easy to get on or off, especially if you have cold fingers.

Inside this womens trenchcoat is a very warm, zip-out thinsulate liner. It comes down to your waist, not the full length of the womens leather trench coat. It goes all the way up the sleeves, not like the vest styles.

So it really keeps you warm all over, including your arms. In the spring or fall when you don’t need it quite so warm, zip out the liner and enjoy it as a windbreaker that looks great.

In the front is two very large pockets to keep your hands warm. It also has one large inside pocket. So it can carry a lot of stuff, or act as a hand warmer. Then to top it all off is a long, oversize leather belt to keep it looking good and trim.

A womens leather trench coat is great to use for both professional office ladies as well as housewives. The long length helps protect your clothes underneath, especially if your wearing a skirt.

This womens trenchcoat is also very warm, even on real cold days. Leather is a great windbreaker; you will not feel the cold wind going through this baby! Plus it has those big pockets to protect your hands.

It’s also stylish looking enough to wear anywhere, so you can always know you look well in it. It’s great for an office lady who wants to throw something on quick to cover everything for a coffee run or lunch and not worry about the weather.

A womens leather trench coat does a great job protecting you and your clothes from dirt, snow and rain in cold weather, besides keeping you warm. This womens trenchcoat is top quality, go HERE to buy it or read more about it.


  1. jim scott says:

    this leather trench coat is a real beauty.it is very stylish and elegant and would give such a lovely look to a conservative lady.i am sure any lady who is like this would feel very feminine and glamorous wearing it.i want one for my girl friend,i know she would feel so stylish and feminine wearing it.