Womens black western leather vest with fringe, beads, wood LV428

Womans Indian leather vest with beads, bone

Womans Indian leather vest with beads, bone

For a great western or Indian style leather vest, check out this beautiful womens leather Indian vest. It has black leather with black colored fringe down the front and back. All the edges are also wrapped with black leather trim.

Then you have two rows of bead and wood going down the front, with two circular white bead designs in the front and one in the back, again with black leather trim around them.

Finally it has a collar that also has a bead pattern on it with black leather trim around the edges. Has a nylon lining and snap button front. This is a very pretty womens western or Indian style fringe leather vest, try one today!

These run small, so please use this size chart:
Size small: 29-30 inches around chest
Size Medium: 31-32 inches around chest
Size large: 33-34 inches around chest
Size XL: 35-36 inches around chest
Size 2XL: 37-38 inches around chest
Size 3XL: 39-40 inches around chest

Price: $148.00 FREE shipping in the USA!