Womens denim look real leather vest LV221-15

Womans denim leather vest

For a really one of a kind vest, check out this womens denim look leather vest! Made of real soft cowhide leather, they put it through a special process that makes it look just like a blue denim vest! It comes with leather braids on the sides and lace-up sides and lower back.

This womens leather denim look vest also has pockets inside and out, a nylon lining and a snap button front. It’s sexy looking and different with it being a real leather vest that looks like denim. I have a real womens denim vest here.

* Made from quality soft touch cowhide Leather
* Features a nylon liner
* Snap button front
* Pockets inside and out
* Lace sides and lower back
* Leather braid pattern
* Special process makes the leather look like blue denim

Price: $53.00 FREE shipping in the USA!