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78th Sturgis Bike Rally 2018 Coming Up Update!!!

sturgis 78th annual bike rally 2018

Good morning everyone how are all of you doing on this Thursday morning? I hope doing well, anyways I wanted to stop by and let all of you know about this up coming Biker rally event happening this week. I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of what is to come during this event and see what it has to offer!!! It is The 78th annual Sturgis Bike Rally that takes place in South Dakota and starts August 3rd to August 12th 2018 and is only located minutes away from the famous Mount Rushmore!!!

Definitely looks like the place to go and have some fun this upcoming weekend and week. So lets get out there and have some fun!!! It is jam packed with a lot of things to do. You will have 10 days and nights of riding, fun, food and music! Unfortunately as fun as it all sounds we will not be there, we have to stay here in Florida and continue to work. But it is one of those events I will be attending sometime in the near future! 

If you go you will see more than 500,000 riders that actually go to this event every single year. Just like most of the bike rallies and events you may have seen or the ones we have here you will definitely find cool things for just about anyone. Things from tattoo contests, beard contests, tons of concerts and awesome music, racing, camping and lodging, babes and body painting, of course tons of food and drinks on just about every corner, the local bars and pub crawl, and so much more!!!

So if this is something you wanna go and do with the family or significant other and just have a blast then go out there and have fun!! It will be the best time, and again it only takes place for 10 days and nights so don’t forget to mark the calendars. There are plenty of non stop activities to keep your motor running!

If you are interested in this years event whether you are traveling out to South Dakota this weekend or you are a die hard biker that is local then go ahead and check out some of the sites and see what the Sturgis rally has in store for you!!! Click here for more information!!! Hope you enjoy and Happy Rallying 🙂

78th annual sturgis bike rally

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