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Added three womans fringe leather jackets

Womans fringe leather jackets
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Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you all know I added 3 new leather jackets to my site the other day. All three are womens leather jackets. They have long fringe, studs and one even has bones and beads.

The one in the top is a very beautiful one with a stud pattern all the way down the front and back. Then all along the sides and back is very long black leather fringe.

It has a tall gather elastic in the sides that makes it a very form fitting jacket. It really shows off your curves and looks great. It’s made of top quality cowhide that is thick yet very smooth. Comes with a zip out thinsulate liner.

Ladies white fringe leather jacket
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Next we have what may be the most pretty leather jacket around. It’s a ladies white leather jacket that has a stud pattern, beads, white bone and very long white leather fringe!

This beauty even has long leather fringe all the way around the bottom. The back has a double layer of fringe and the studs go along the arms as well as front and back.

The bones and beads make a nice pattern all the way around the collar and also on the arms. The front has 5 snap buttons that complete the sexy look of this very unique leather jacket.

You really need to see what the back looks like so make sure you go and see it. This jacket is very small in size, so please get two sizes larger than normal. If you want to make an impression, this white fringe leather jacket will do it!

Ladies brown fringe leather jacket
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Finally I have this very lovely ladies black with brown trim studs and leather fringe jacket. The studs form a nice pattern up the front and down the back with brown trim following the studs.

Long black and brown leather fringe go up the sides and across the back. In the back the fringe forms a double layer that looks amazing. The sides have gathers to make it fit tight and snug.

Made from top quality cowhide it’s thick yet soft with a nice zip out thinsulate liner that runs through the sleeves. You can see pictures of the back on all these, just go to each one’s page.

You ladies seem to really love the fringe jackets, so I wanted to put those in here. I have a few dozen more I will add soon, all fringe style. So I am adding more, I just need to do it slowly.

I can’t wait to showcase all the great leather vest I have, many that match the leather jackets. Hope you like these new additions and feel free to ask for any item you may think I might have. 🙂

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