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Adding a leather jacket & apparel store soon!

new leather jacket and leather apparel store at Leather Supreme

Hi everyone. Before too long it will be cooler weather. Bikers up north will have to put away their Harleys for another year. But the lucky ones down south, like where I am, get to ride all year. In fact the fall and winter months are some of the best times to ride here. The weather is perfect, not too hot, not too cold.

Anyway I wanted to let you know that soon I will be opening up a leather store right here inside this site. I can make lots of pages with lots of items. I’ve sold leather jackets and other leather items before. So I know what is good brands and bad brands. When I just started out I sold leather that everyone else did.

That was really cheap leather, and it smelled, came apart and had all kinds of problems with it. So that’s what made me study up on leather, find out what the really good leather is, how to spot it, and who the hell sells it! So now when I open up my leather store I know just where to go, who to buy my wholesale leather from. So just what will I sell?

Well of course I will sell leather jackets. Lots of different kinds too. Motorcycle leather jackets, western style leather jackets, racer and scooter leather jackets, dress and fashion leather jackets. I’ll sell colored leather jackets too. Next will be leather vest, all kinds of those. Also I will sell leather shirts, leather pants, leather chaps, leather halter tops and bikinis for the ladies.

For the motorcycle leather I’ll sell leather dusters, leather saddlebags, tool bags, windshield bags and travel bags. I’m sure I’ll carry lots of the small leather items too, like purses, backpacks, handlebar fringe and covers, wallets, skull caps, hats, mask, gloves, and maybe boots.

I think I’ll go with a free shipping in the USA deal. It gets so hard to figure out what each item weighs, which is what the cost of shipping is. So I’ll just build my shipping into the price I charge for the items and that way you can see, if the damn jacket cost 100 bucks, that’s the TOTAL it’s going to cost!

I’ll make a big detailed size chart, in fact that’s another post I should make. Then a return policy that will be fair, both to you and also to me. If you order something and want to return it for something else, I’ll pay to ship you another one, but you pay to ship it back to me. I don’t mark up much, just a few shipping charges and I’ll lose money.

Of course everything I sell will be quality made, with quality leather hides. You’ll be told just what type of animal hide your leather item is made from, if it has a zip out liner, if the zippers are YKK, does it have vents, is it naked leather, top grain, full grain, split grain and so on. No “top quality leather jacket” with no details!

I should have it done within the next month. Hey, it takes time! Once you get your leather jacket or other item you can come to this site and read all the post I’ve made to find out any questions you may have. You always can use the contact form I have in my “about me” page and ask me anything you want. So, look for my leather store in the next month, and ask any questions you have!

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