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Adding New Patriotic Military Biker T-shirts !!!

Men's POW MIA military t-shirt

Men’s Military Eagle T-shirt

Hello there everyone this is Leather Babe I am going to be writing about some new products we have in stock today!! I know it has been awhile since I have wrote about anything, however I am excited to be talking about the latest Military, Patriotic Biker T-shirts we now have in.

I think that if you are or were in the military or have the love of supporting our great nation you will absolutely love these pieces to add to your closet!

As you can see above, this is one of our new awesome military designs with lots of vibrant colors. This design includes the famous POW-MIA logo with a bold brown and white bald eagle with two flags in the background, our American flag and a POW-MIA one. It has such beautiful details throughout this lovely t-shirt its hard to not look closely at it! Very stunning!!

This shirt also includes a small American flag design on the front to match. You will definitely enjoy showing this lovely design off to just about anyone! If you are looking for something a little bit different take a look at the design below…….

Mens veteran eagle shirt

Men’s Military Veteran Eagle T-shirt

This T-shirt above is similar as far as patriotic, however it may be up your alley if you are a Veteran or want to support those who have spent time in the service. We give praise to all that our Veterans do for our county, so why not grab one of these shirts and sport it around?

This particular design has lots to look at. It is very eye catching with the nation’s bald eagle in the middle of the design with such an intense facial expression! No one wants to mess with that Eagle!

Our eagle is clutching the famous POW-MIA logo with its claws, aggressive details to this design. Also lets talk about behind the bald eagle is our amazing American flag along with big bold gold lettering that says US Military Vet. This t-shirt also includes a smaller flag design on front.

One more design I would love to talk about is about our Nation’s flag. This design will be located below so go ahead and take a look at this great design as well.

mens kneel for the cross shirt

Men’s Military Stand For The Flag T-shirt

Again, ladies and gentlemen this is another great design if you love to wear something patriotic and love to wear our flag proud this may be the shirt for you, or if you had a loved one serving the military you may enjoy this design more.

This design is a little more heartfelt in my opinion you have your soldier kneeling in front of a cross after possibly losing a co-militant in the line of war. He shows his strength to still serve our country but does not forget a close one who lost his or her life in action. This shirts design speaks for itself very bold and detailed with the lettering!

If you enjoyed taking a quick glimpse at these new shirts and want to order other items as well, Don’t worry! We have so much more coming that we will be adding at least weekly. Anything from Military, Patriotic or regular biker T-shirts, keep your eyes peeled for the latest things coming in the near future!! Take care and I’ll be writing to you all real soon.

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