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Happy New Year from Leather Supreme!

Happy New Year from Leather Supreme

Hi everyone, Bill here! I’ve been letting Kerry, aka Leather Babe write most of my blog post these days. But I wanted to personally wish all my customers a Happy New Year!

2018 has been a good year and I really appreciate all the sales my customers have given us. I still have a lot of cool biker products to add to the store, it just takes a long time! I’m happy with the new look and layout of the store.

Kerry recently moved to Massachusetts (she’s a big Pats fan!) and is doing well. She still works with me as these days you can live anywhere and still work online, since most of her job is adding products, writing articles and so on.
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New Motorcycle Biker Cell Phone Case Holder Coming Soon!

Women's biker cell phone case with patches

Hi everyone, Bill from Leather Supreme here! Kerry is the one that normally writes blog post these days. But she came down with a bad cough, then fell while roller skating and cracked a rib. So she is taking some time off. I tell ya, the things she will do just to get out of work! 😀

Anyways it’s getting closer to fall and the holiday season, so I wanted to highlight some new items we will be adding soon. One that I am excited about is a new type of motorcycle biker cell phone case holder that you can see in the picture above.
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New Men’s Denim Vest With Cool Biker, Patriotic Designs On Them!

Men's black denim vest with biker designs on them
Check out our new denim vest with biker designs on them now!

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great 4th of July. I wanted to let you all know we added a new category in the men’s vest section. It’s called “Designed Denim Vest”. In there you will find our new creation; quality denim vest with cool biker, patriotic and military designs on them.

As you may know I heat press biker designs on tee shirts and denim biker shirts. They look so good on the denim biker shirts it got me thinking; why not put them on denim vest? So I tried out a few and the results were great!

I almost never see denim biker vest with designs made right on them. You see patches on them of course, but hardly ever any real designs right on them. Well, now you can, since I’m starting to put them on a few select denim vest. Let me explain why I picked the vest I am putting them on.

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Grand re-opening sale going on now, 15% off site-wide!

Leather Supreme sale
Hi, hope everyone is having a good weekend. As you can see I recently changed the whole look of my site. Made it much more user friendly, mobile friendly and added a lot more cool biker stuff.

To celebrate that I thought I’d give a week long sale until this Memorial Day weekend the 27th. So from now until the 27th you can get anything in the store for 15% off. Anything, any number of items. Just use:

Coupon code 15OFF at checkout

So once you get to checkout you will see a place you can enter a coupon code. Put that 15OFF code in there and your whole order will be reduced 15%. It’s that simple.

My way of saying thank you to all my past customers and welcome to my new customers. I have a lot more stuff now than I use to, so I’m sure you’ll find something you like. Thank you and happy shopping!


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New Stainless Steel Bike Chain Biker Jewelry Made In USA!

Ladies bike chain bracelet jewelryCheck out our beautiful ladies bike chain bracelets here!

Time to showcase more of my new biker items! If you have read some of my last post you know I’ve recently changed my whole site to a new look and added lots more items. Kerry, aka Leather Babe is working with me to get this site looking it’s best and adding more products.

One of the new biker accessories I’m happy to add is top quality stainless steel bike chain biker bracelets in both men and ladies styles. I get them right here in the USA. They all come in a leather pouch, which is also made right here in the USA.

I stamp my own Leather Supreme logo on them; pouch colors can vary. I have a mix of black, brown, light brown, tan and green. I try to mix them up so you never know what color you might get. I suppose down the road I should stick with black, as that is what most prefer.

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