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Best time is now for an Orlando Walt Disney Vacation

Walt Disney World Orlando vacation

I guess your wondering why I’m talking about Walt Disney World here in my leather site. Well, I live here in Orlando and go by Walt Disney World a lot. I even worked there for two years when I was younger and was awed by working at such a famous place. I’m not anymore, but back then it was pretty cool!

In fact I once tried to date a little cute female midget who played an,,,,, ewok!! Yes, one of those furry things from Star Wars. No, she was not hairy and no, I did not get to go out with her ok! So I know a lot about Orlando. In fact I’m making an Orlando tourist site, fun fun!

Anyway, because of the bad economy I can tell you that the parks are DEAD! The hotels are having fantastic prices, nice ones for $150.00 a week and so on. I’ve seen many that have whole wings closed down, only a few cars around. I went into a McDonald’s on 192, which is a major tourist strip. Normally it’s a mad house; I actually had to wait for someone to come out from the back they were so slow! Theme park tickets are really low. Well no, those are never low, but they are having some good deals!

What this all means is that you can save a lot of money on just about everything, from air fair, hotels, car rentals, dining out and more. Plus, many people dread the long lines at theme parks. It’s common to wait 2 hours for a 3 minute ride at Disney. Well, not right now! You can just about walk right into each ride and get right on now.

So I’m doing you a favor and telling you that even though times are tough, if you do have the money and always wanted to go to Walt Disney World, or maybe Universal Studios, now is the perfect time! Even the weather is the best. In the winter the temperatures are around the 70’s during the day, and 50’s or so at night. It also never rains all winter.

Now I myself prefer Universal Studios. They have more extreme, grown up rides, like roller coasters, scary rides and stuff like that. The Spider Man and The Mummy rides are the best! But if you have little kids, then Disney is better for them. Besides it’s a landmark type of thing, to be able to say you did Walt Disney World and saw the castle.

Now, from Christmas to New Years it will pick up a bit and may even be crowded. But right after the 1st it will drop back down to nothing, trust me. So, the months of January to March are the best times to go. While your in Orlando if you want to check out the wild side, be sure to go to The clubs and Harley shops around here.

They have several around here. Of course riding up to Daytona beach is always fun. If you have your bike cruise down A1A, which is the east sea coast road. So I hope you can get down here if you’ve been thinking about an Orlando Walt Disney World vacation. Have fun!

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