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Bike week at Daytona Beach 2010!

bike week in Daytona Beach 2010

The Daytona Beach Bike week event is almost here! Bike week 2010 is from Feb. 26th to March 7th. Every damn year I say to myself I’m going to open up a booth and sell some of my leather jackets, but every year I never get around to it until it’s too late!

I have a small gallery you see in the top left sidebar of bike week 2009. I got up there late in the day so I did not have time to take much pictures. This year I’m going to spend a full day up there taking videos with my new camcorder!

This year is going to be a good one, with record bikers attending. You might think that with the recession not many would show up. But bikers are resourceful types, and bike week is too big to pass up!

Many bikers stay in Orlando and drive up to Daytona Beach during bike week. If you do, here’s a tip for you. Everyone takes I-4 highway to go to Daytona. There is ALWAYS several accidents on that damn road during big events.

So, take the bee line expressway instead (528) to highway 95, then north up to Daytona Beach. It’s longer but you’ll actually get there faster, trust me! If you want to stop at a Harley store they have big ones in Orlando, Sanford and Daytona.

bike week in Daytona Beach 2010

For lots of information about all the events going on at this years bike week check out Official Bike It’s got loads of information on what’s going on, where to stay and what to do.

If you’ve never been to Bike Week in Daytona Beach I highly recommend you do. It’s not some wild west like many think. You’ll see everything from full family’s with kids to hardcore bikers and everything in between.

There’s nothing like seeing over a half million bikes all in one town! If you do go be careful and watch out for the young hotheads that always show off and end up wreaking their bikes. I’ll have a new gallery this year, hopefully much better than last year’s. Have fun at bike week 2010 at Daytona Beach! 😉

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