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Biker Conchos for leather jackets, Items

silver biker conchos for leather jacket gold concho for leather saddle bagconcho for leather backpack

Hey everyone, what’s going on? Today I thought I’d write a quick post about biker conchos for your leather jacket and other leather items. Now just what is a concho, and what does it do? A concho is just for decoration, nothing more. It serves no real purpose other than looking good. Silver conchos are very popular.

concho for leather backpackA concho for leather does not act as a button, or snap, or any other practical thing. It’s just for making your leather jacket or item look better. It does a pretty good job of it too, as you see almost all leather saddle bags, tool bags and leather jackets with conchos. You can easily add conchos anywhere you want on your leather. The really cheap ones are just stamped tin or thin metal, glued or threaded on.

The good ones are made of brass, stainless steel, nickel plated and copper. They are thick and have some wight to them. The cheap ones are light and can rust and bend. A good leather biker conchos attaches by a screw backing, or it is made with slots to be tied to the leather with leather braid, giving it an even better look. Some can be made to be the button heads of snaps too.

concho for leather bagsThis is a concho made to be tied to the leather with leather braiding. Once the leather braid is threaded through normally you leave a length of it so that once it’s tied you have two lengths of leather hanging down from it for a nice look. Leather conchos can be put anywhere you want them. On a leather jacket normally the top center of the back is a popular spot for a concho. Sometimes it’s put in the center of a leather braid pattern.

concho for western leather jacketsWestern style leather jackets almost always have a few, as that type of jacket is meant to be a show off type of jacket. Other places for conchos on a leather jacket include the shoulders, cuffs and upper chest area. Many other leather items can be decorated with conchos too.

Leather motorcycle saddle bags, leather sissy bar bags, leather travel bags and many other leather items can have conchos on them. Silver saddle conchos are popular. Often the top flap has one, then one or two in the center of the leather bag. They can really make a plain leather item look real nice and fancy. Other leather wear items have them too.

Leather vest, leather pants, leather hats and even leather gloves can have conchos on them. Biker conchos come in a lot of different colors, designs and shapes and sizes. Sterling silver conchos and plain silver conchos are very popular. Women really like to decorate their leather jacket and other leather items with matching biker conchos.

So if you want to make your leather jacket or leather items look a bit more fancy, think about adding biker conchos. They are easy to attach. You might want to look at some pictures of other leather items decorated with conchos to see the best places for them. This leather concho place has some great looking biker conchos, including sterling silver conchos and silver conchos. Have fun!

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