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Buying a colored dyed leather jacket

colored leather jackets

Buying a colored leather jacket, what do you look for as far as quality goes? How do they make colored leather jackets? Are colored leather jackets dyed, or are they painted? Well let me answer some of those questions! Now then, even your standard black leather jackets are colored in a way. That blue-black color most leather jackets have is not the natural hide color.

Lots of women like pink leather jackets, maybe a white leather jacket. If your getting a leather fashion jacket red, cream, blue and other colors are popular leather jacket colors. You can even get leather jackets that have several colors to it in the form of stripes or sections of the jacket.

The tanning process is very long, with lots of different steps. Not all the leather hides are treated the same way. In the standard way, the chemical bath the hides are soaked in, along with the ingredients used in tanning the hides make them that classic black, or blue-black color. That’s also what gives the leather that leather smell.

However when they want to color the leather a different color, they use a color dye that the hides are soaked in. All the raw hides are colored first, they don’t take a finished leather jacket and throw it into the dye bath. The hides are tanned and colored with the dye, then the hides are cut, sewn and made into the finished leather jacket product.

At least that’s how the quality leather jackets are colored. Done that way the color soaks deep into the leather and becomes part of it. You can’t rub or wear the color off. The color does not affect the leather much, so a colored leather jacket is the same quality as one not colored. They might be just a little stiffer than normal black leather, but not enough to really tell.

However there are some very cheap colored leather jackets that are basically spray painted. The patchwork leather jackets are done this way. After all those scrap pieces of leather are stitched together they spray a coat of sealer and color, almost a plastic type of stuff over it. In time the color coating will chip and peel off.

I’ve even seen some bad leather jackets where the color ran off it in the rain! So you want to make sure you get a colored leather jacket that has been done right by being bathed in colored dye during the tanning process. How can you tell? Well because you don’t know what to look for you most likely can’t. So just follow the tried and true rule for getting any quality leather product.

Which is buy from a reputable dealer and brand that seems to be known for quality. If you see a new pink leather jacket on sale for $35.00 bucks, it’s not going to be a quality leather jacket! However a colored leather jacket does not cost any more than a standard black one, or very little more.

All the colored leather jackets I carry here are from quality companies that color them in a dye bath during the tanning process. So the color will not rub or wear off, or run off in a rain! A pink leather motorcycle jacket looks great on a sexy biker babe, and you can even get matching pink chaps. Just remember to buy it from a reputable dealer.

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