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Buying fall and winter leather coats & jackets for women

fall and winter leather coats and jackets for womenfall and winter leather coats and jackets for women

Now that fall is here and the weather is cooler, you might be thinking about buying your wife or girlfriend a nice leather coat or jacket. Or your a woman and wants to get one for herself. But you might be confused with all the different styles and colors there are out there. So here’s a few tips for you to get a quality women’s leather jacket or coat.

Many think that a leather jacket will not keep you very warm. That’s because of so many fake leather and junk leather coats out there today. I had a girl here in Florida that got a great looking leather jacket from a well known brand. But even here in Florida in the winter she would freeze with that on! A quality, real leather coat or jacket with a liner is very, very warm.

So first make sure it’s REAL leather. Most coats and jackets today are fake leather, leather-like, synthetic leather (which is fake leather) and so on. A real leather jacket will have a tag on it stating it’s made from real leather. A QUALITY leather jacket or coat will say what kind of leather it is, and maybe even the thickness.

“Made from high quality real leather” does not really tell you what it is, other than it’s real leather. It could be made from muskrats, for a cool quality muskrat coat! So what should a leather women’s coat be made of? Well, a winter coat does not have to be as tough as a biker jacket. Sheepskin, goatskin, pigskin and cowhide are all good types of leather for a winter coat or jacket.

Next you need to know what length you want. A woman’s leather coat can be short, mid-length or full-length. A short one comes down about to the ladies waist, or even just above the waist. A mid-length one, also called a 3/4 length coat, comes down about mid-thigh or just below the waist. A full length leather ladies coat comes down to just above the knees or longer.

In general, the longer the ladies leather coat or jacket is the warmer it will be. Leather is a great wind breaker, not letting the cold wind go through it. So now you just need it to have a liner inside. It can be sewn in or a removable one. There are lots of different types of leather coat liners, but most are thinsulate, faux fur or shearling sheep wool.

If it’s a ladies leather jacket in a short style, a zip out liner can make it much more versatile. She can wear it with the liner out for fall days or even chilly summer nights, then put it in for winter wear. Most mid-length and full length woman’s leather coats don’t have a removable liner as they are to be worn in cold weather.

A thinsulate liner is a good choice, but not as warm as Shearling. For a classier look you can go with faux fur lining. Faux fur can be very warm and it feels very nice. It also feels warm as soon as you get into it. Many leather coats with faux fur lining have it on the outside of the collar for a nice look and to protect your face from the wind.

The warmest type of leather coat liner is shearling sheep wool. These babies will make you sweat in minus 10 weather! However they are harder to find and cost the most. So think about where and what conditions you’ll be wearing it to decide what length and what type of liner you want for your leather jacket or coat.

A quality lady leather jacket or coat will have deep outside pockets to keep your hands warm. Some have the two side pockets connect inside so you can hold your hands together inside the pockets. It also should have at least one inside pocket, with some having as many as four. They can be lined or not lined.

The front should have an overlapping flap where you zip or button it up. That keeps the wind out, which is the main reason you get cold. Both a zipper or button opening is good, with some having both. I would stay away from snap button openings for a cold weather leather coat. It may also have a leather belt and/or drawstring waist if it’s a short jacket.

Finally a quality women’s leather coat or jacket will have a styled or large flared collar. You should be able to make it stand up or zip/button up to protect your neck and face. A leather coat with a faux fur collar looks very nice, and some have a faux fur trim around the cuffs and waist.

As for color, choose whatever you want. A quality dyed leather coat will hold the color well, as long as you take care of it and treat it when you need to. However a white one will show the dirt lots faster than a black or brown one! So make sure it’s REAL leather, make sure it has a liner and a ladies leather coat or jacket will be very warm and stylish!

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