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Vacation Update!!

fall foliage in Boston!!

Good morning and happy new week to everyone! Just wanted to stop by and give you all an update on this upcoming weeks events. This week starting from Wednesday October 10th I myself will be going away to Boston on a family vacation.

I will be up there with my daughter to enjoy some cooler air and to get a break from Florida for a week, definitely lots of fun things to do and get done. We have a wedding and a football game to attend so that will be very fun and lots of family to see. I will give all of you updates when I get back. I am sure I will have lots to write about!

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78th Sturgis Bike Rally 2018 Coming Up Update!!!

sturgis 78th annual bike rally 2018

Good morning everyone how are all of you doing on this Thursday morning? I hope doing well, anyways I wanted to stop by and let all of you know about this up coming Biker rally event happening this week. I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of what is to come during this event and see what it has to offer!!! It is The 78th annual Sturgis Bike Rally that takes place in South Dakota and starts August 3rd to August 12th 2018 and is only located minutes away from the famous Mount Rushmore!!! Continue reading 78th Sturgis Bike Rally 2018 Coming Up Update!!!

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Leather Supreme 4th Of July Patriotic Sale!!

4th of July patriotic sale

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Good morning everyone this morning is underway here and a lot going on at the office as we are gearing up for the weekend ahead and the upcoming 4th of July week we are absolutely swamped with tons of work. But first off I wanted to stop in and tell everyone that we are having a 4th of July sale starting today for the next full week. Continue reading Leather Supreme 4th Of July Patriotic Sale!!