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Check out my new pet website

Orlando area pet services

Orlando Pet Services

Besides working on this site, I also manage about a dozen more. What, you think I make enough to live off on this site! No way, not even close. Anyway I just opened up a new one that is all about pets.

Actually it’s called Orlando Pet Services, so it has a lot about local pet stuff in the Orlando area. However it also will have lots of general pet information, health care, pet products reviews and so on.

I use to raise rabbits, ferrets, yorkies and so on. I always had dogs and cats. Currently I have one cat named Spinkie! She’s low maintenance and does not need much attention, which is perfect for how my life is right now.

So anyway if you get a chance check out my pet website. It does not have much in it right now but I have contributing authors on it so it will grow fast. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from it. 🙂

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