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Choosing Between Motorcycle Boots and Motorcycle Shoes

Choosing motorcycle boots and shoes

Motorcycle footwear may seem like a mere style preference but frequent riders understand that wearing these shoes can make a world of difference when you’re on the road.

An article entitled ‘Can You Wear Regular Shoes on a Motorcycle?’ points out that regular shoes are not suitable for riding because they get tangled up on motorcycles, offer no grip for pegs, and leave your feet vulnerable.

These casual shoes aren’t just uncomfortable to wear on the road. They can also lead to motorcycle accidents due to their lack of protection and ergonomics. So, if you want more suitable footwear for motorcycling, you have two main options: motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes.

What are the key features of motorcycle shoes?

Motorcycle shoes look very similar to regular footwear, which makes them preferable for riders who want to look stylish on and off their bike. However, these shoes are created for motorcycle use because they offer special ergonomics and shift pads so that you can comfortably use them to switch bike gears. Furthermore, these shoes have a hard sole and reinforced toe box, which serves as protection for your feet and ankles.

To illustrate, the Harley-Davidson Tremont Waterproof Riding Shoes are tailor-made for safe and comfortable riding because of its waterproof membrane and tough rubber outsole. Though these are targeted at motorcycle riders, these shoes look like regular sneakers with their thick, white outsole and black leather upper.

What are the key features of motorcycle boots?

Motorcycle boots are extremely popular among all riders, and it’s easy to see why. Since boots can cover more surface area, they offer greater safety against pipe burns, crushing, and other road accidents. Most motorcycle boots are even reinforced with toe sliders, shin protection, and ankle support for a safer and more comfortable riding experience.

On top of that, leather motorcycle boots are low maintenance, since they can easily be cleaned with a brush, as recommended by our article on “‘How to Clean, Condition, and Waterproof Leather Boots’. Simply wipe away any mud and dirt stuck on your boots with a washcloth and a toothbrush so that your boots look stylish for your next adventure.

Where can you find quality motorcycle shoes and boots?

There are a lot of motorcycle shoes and boots available on the market. But as previously established, riders need to examine their options and consider multiple features when investing in motorcycle footwear.

After all, these specially-made boots and shoes are used to protect your feet from fatigue and dangerous accidents. However, given that motorcycling is such a niche hobby, it might be difficult to find the right pair on your own.

Fortunately, there are many online communities and resources that can help you find quality motorcycle shoes and boots. To illustrate, Motorcycle Gear 101 offers great resources for riders who are trying to find the best motorcycle boots for their riding experience. Their detailed video guide does not just elaborate on your options. It also narrows down your choices based on sizing and riding preferences.

You can also look for your preferred shoes through SoleSavy, which has resources on the newest releases. The community offers alerts for release days and even tools for purchasing so that you can easily get your hands on the shoes that you prefer. Through these resources, you can narrow down your options and easily purchase your top choices.

Motorcycle shoes and boots are more than fashion accessories. They are footwear built for comfort and safety during motorcycle rides. So, take the time to research your options to find the best pair for you. Once you’ve found the right footwear, you can complete your biker apparel with our Leather Supreme products. Our unique biker patches, jewelry, shirts, vests, and jackets can make you look stylish on and off your bike.

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