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Coming Soon Motorcycle Wall Art!!!


Marilyn Monroe motorcycle wall art

Hello everyone wanted to stop in and touch base with you I know that we haven’t posted anything in a couple months since around the Holidays. Hope that all of you had a wonderful New Years and Christmas I think that all of us are glad that it is over. On the other hand we have some new exciting things coming here to Leather Supreme.

I wanted to stop in and let you all know that we will be adding some really cool new items to the store soon that we haven’t had yet.

We are happy to showcase some really cool new pictures for our customers out there who like household goods and like to decorate their homes. We are going to be taking our designs and turn them into wall art!

You heard right, as you can see above is a sample of what is to come this is a Marilyn Monroe canvas style wall art picture. This one is a rectangular style wall art, which will come in a small and bigger size. We are going to have so many more designs as well more Marilyn Monroe ones and so much more!

We will also have square shaped style as well as the rectangular shaped one pictured above and below. You will also be able to purchase them as a single and or as a set too! Doesn’t that sound cool?

immortalized skull wall art biker design

So for that biker lover in your life or for yourself if you like our designs and want to show them off to your friends and family in your home you will be able to soon purchase these unique wall art styles soon!

You will get the option to select any biker, patriotic, goth, Marilyn Monroe, Native American and many more styles that suit your personality to give your home that touch! Here is a square wall art style below:

pow-mia patriotic square biker wall art

So if you are interested you can check back soon to see what we have and can pick out any canvas wall art that you may enjoy. Again, it is really up to you and your style and your preference on which ones you would like to add to your collection!

I hope that you enjoyed what I have showcased for you today and we get these out on the site soon. We will keep you all posted and keep your eyes peeled for later posts. Like always we hope everyone is doing well this New Year and Happy shopping from all of us here at Leather Supreme!


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