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Cool & crazy motorcycles pictures

motorcycle lawn mower

What’s going on everyone! I’ve got another one of those crazy days, so I thought I’d just share some cool and crazy motorcycle pictures with you. After all a lot of leather jackets and other items I talk about here are motorcycle related. I got these from several websites, hope nobody minds.

The top one is a lawn mower that someone converted into a riding motorcycle mower! Damn that guy really knows how to have fun even when working huh! That takes some skill to do that, looks like it works great.

motorcycle alien

This next one is a real crazy one, looks like one of those big bugs from Alien! Once again you have to admire the skill and work it took to make that baby. I bet that gets a lot of heads turning.

one wheel motorcycle

The next two are those new one wheel motorcycles, if you can call them that. They look cool, but I’m not sure I’d want one. I’ll have to find out more about them. Are they really for the road, or are they a racing motorcycle? Or maybe just a prototype? Anyway I think I’ll stick to my Harley, thanks.

motorcycle alien

Well I hope you enjoyed the little break and liked looking at the motorcycles. I’ll have a more meatier post next time about leather jackets or something. If you ever have a question about leather, let me know and I’ll reply or even make a post about it!

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